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Hi,I have a customer going through an event planning service. The event planner contacted me last night saying that they want to change the number of servings from 300 to 250. The wedding is September 10th and they have already paid for their cake. They did not say anything about getting money back but I am wondering if that is what they are wanting?? Oh, They want to confirm the final count for the cake on Monday August 29th. I am not really sure because no one has...
The ruffles. Are the fondant or something else? is the second photo down. A 4 tiered cake with a red flower on the side of the top tier, and thin black string/ribbon tied around the bottom of each tier. Or the first cake on this link ... you so much for your help,
when you are supposed to dowel north south east and you put dowels vertical and horizontal through the cake? is there a diagram anywhere? Thanks!
cant see the image I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to get the texture of this golf bag on fondant. I am sure there is a fondant mat or roller or something of that nature out there. Does anyone happen to know where to find it?Thank you,The link is below...
Hi, I was hoping to get some help on how much to charge for a golf bag cake. He wants it no more than three feet tall. About the size of a youths bag.I am in AL. This is the first time I have had the chance to make a cake like this and i am excited. I just need some help with pricing. here is a link i made to the photo he sent me.
I think that's it....the acetate sheets. I guess you just switch the white choc so that it s in the back ground. I Havel those sheets and I think that I will get a chance to try it next week. I will try to post the results ...I'm not having luck uploading my photos here lately. Thank you for all of the ideas!
Yes, yes, yes.....thank you!!! I dont know how you did that, but thank you!
zespri..thank you for the wood tip....its a different kind od look. Sorry I cant seem to get a photo to work. I am still working on it.
i changed the link...i hope it works now
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