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yea..looks like rainbow
I just bought a pack of the new duff colors and it had an electric pink in there that is that color. I think americolor makes one too. Hope this helps
I believe it's just 1/4 teaspoon gumpaste and 1 tablespoon water. Break up and let it dissolve in water for about an hour.
How was it as far as taste?
I was planning on whipping it for the filling. And pouring it over top as well. I suppose it is a matter of taste. I'll have to do some tests first..too bad I HATE coconut!! Maybe my husband will help me out Thanks mamawrobin for the tip to let it rest 24 hrs. I had read about the ratio but I don't remember reading that.
ahh..yea I couldn't find it at my grocery store either. I ended up getting the cream of coconut thinking it may be the same. I guess I'll return and look else where. Do you think Walmart carries it? Thanks for the idea of making a coconut buttercream. I love it!!
Oh, good idea! Thanks a bunch.
I will be attempting to do a coconut cake with a ganache filling and frosting for my father's bday this weekend. Was wondering if I should be putting a layer of buttercream underneath the ganache to get that smooth look. Or would that throw off the taste? Also this probably sounds dumb but is "cream of coconut" the same this as "coconut cream". Thanks for taking the time to read my post!
Do you cover it? I'm a newbie too but I'm pretty sure if you place a fondant covered cake in an airtight container it can start to melt. It needs to breathe
I've made a few attempts with the mmf and cannot get a clean cut. It comes out torn and jagged. Anybody with tips to share? Thanks!
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