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Posts by SweetTreatsbyJess do you add pictures??
First off I wanted to say Thank You to everybody for all the nice compliments. This is by far my most popular cake on CC and I am super excited Here are the instructions for how I constructed this cake. There are probably different ways to do things but this is how I managed. I think you will be surprised to find that it is not very difficult to create!Ok here goes:For the structure you will need:1/4" thick plywood cut to desired sized and shape1/2" flange3" nipple (gray...
Thank you so much Karen! I love to see step by step pictures it helps a lot
not sure why it's not showing picture but it is basically a tall rectangle shape...any ideas?
I am going to attempt to do a 3D Spongebob cake(something like the one pictured) in a couple weeks and need some advice. He will be sitting up not standing(...could never pull that off) and I will be driving 3 hours to deliver him. What do you think would be the best thing in terms of support. Also what do you think would be the best way to cover him, I can't see being able to get one piece of fondant over the whole thing, but would like to do it that way so there were no...
Thank you all for the responses. I will definitely go with the 6,8 inch then. I was getting a bit confused especially why Earlenes chart shows much fewer servings.
I've been reading prior posts trying to figure out what size cake I need to feed 30 people. Was thinking a 6 and 8 inch would be enough. But depending which chart you use, they seem to all result in different amounts. So I guess my question is how much do you think a 6,8 inch would serve, what about an 8,10 inch? Thanks in advance for any help
Also try to keep it away from direct sunlight and fluorescents. They will make your fondant colors fade.
I like the 2nd
There is a product called white white by wilton that helps fondant or buttercream look whiter. You can find it next to the colored gels.
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