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Thanks for the tip on the edges I will definitely try that next time.
Oops didn't know I had any responses. Maybe I shouldn't have said seeping..First I applied a coating of warm water then covered it. It was fine until I tried to smooth it like the tutorial I was watching. She swiftly moves the smoother up and down the sides of the cake. You can even hear it banging against the table. Thats when the ganache started to escape..Maybe I pushed to hard or too much??
So after reading bunches on how great fondant looks atop of ganache and how sharp you can get the edges I decided to give it a try. I was super excited as my ganached cakes looked great with super sharp edges. (In my pics if you want to see). Then I attempted to cover in fondant and things went down hill I have never had so much trouble covering a cake in fondant before. First off the rim started cracking/tearing. I've done my research and many said to use 1/8 inch think...
Has anybody ever attempted this? or have any ideas on how to? Any help would be appreciated
do you also put a 10 inch on the bottom. Sorry I am new to this
I've been researching a bit about the SPS system and am guessing that was what was used here but have a few questions. So say the bottom is 10" and the top was 8". What size plates would I need? And how do you not see the plate in the empty/middle layer? I would appreciate any help.Thanks!owl-cake by sweettreatsbyjess, on Flickr
Here's mine: so many requests for instructions and was happy to share
Also I forgot to mention to make sure you cut a hole big enough for your PVC in each cardboard cake board before you put the cake on...learned this the hard way.
Well I can't seem to figure this site out. Do I need to be an HTML wiz. Can you tell me how to do that, I appreciate it and your advice too!
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