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I thought that's what is was :)   Thanks!
I've been contacted by another cake maker in the area to do a bride and parachuting groom figure for a cake. She sent me a picture of the look she's going for and was wondering if anybody had any ideas on the structure of this thing!!    Also how much would you charge? I've never done anything like this before :)   Also, Also :) Has anybody had this experience of doing work for another baker's cake before? Should I ask for credit, etc??     Any help would...
I will be attempting to do the Minnie as pictured and need some advice. I was thinking rice crispy treats for the body and head. And gumpaste for the ears and arms. I am worried about the arms staying in place. Anyone have any ideas/advice?Thanks in advance,Jess
Yay! Thank you so much
If anyone has a box of wilton fondant lying around..I was wondering if you could read the labels for me. I am trying to find out if it is safe for nut allergies. If it has been processed in facility that also handles nuts??Thanks in advance
I have someone who would like a cake in the shape of the number 5. How would I go about estimating the serving size?? She wants to feed 20. Any ideas? Thanks!!
I am having trouble finding the best way to sort my pictures. Was wondering how others do it. I would like to have an album for each event - wedding, birthday, etc. But when I go to add pictures the post includes all the likes and comments of the previous cakes which I dislike. And I really don't like to have to add a new album for each cake I make. Is there any other way.Here is the link to my FB page if you're interested in seeing the mess I have...
I was just planning on them sticking to the buttercream on their own. Hopefully. I'd love to hear other's suggestions as well.
Thanks for the replies!! Lots to think about. So...How do you stack a buttercream cake without your hands getting in the way & making a mess
Good Morning all,I will be doing my first 4 tiered wedding cake in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone had any advise to offer. It will be square tiers iced in buttercream with rhinestone ribbon. Specifically interested in prep timing, stacking (will be using sps), and delivery but am open for any advise. I am excited but super nervous!!!Thanks in advance,Jess
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