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Thanks Denise, that's the one i was looking for. Dru
A few days ago I read a post about making a white almond cake using cake mix. A few variations were given. Could not print at the time but now I cannot find the post. Does anyone remember the post? dru
Yippee, can't wait.dru
Any idea on when we might be seeing your "How to article on decorating cookies" Antonia? Just wondering!!Dru
We are now paying 2.89 a gallon north of Chicago. I can't believe it. dru
Thanks for the suggestions ladies, I will keep all in mind while trying to accomplish my task. Sherry I love your cookies, you are so talented. Everyone here does such good work I only hope mine look half as good. Dru
Now that we have talked about baking and decorating cakes in advance what are the rules for decorated cookies. How far in advance can these be made and how long after decorated can they remain fresh? I want to make some this weekend for my niece so any suggestions would be helpful. Dru
Sherry you did a wonderful job. I will be doing some of these for my niece's bridal shower and need all the inspiration I can get. Such good designs. What type of recipe did you use?Dru
Does anyone have a recipe for cookie icing similar to the one used on cookies by design. I understand it is not a buttercream or royal icing. I love the look of their decorated cookies and would like mine to look half as good and taste just as good also. Please help. Dru
Look at the sticky labeled Cake Central Acronyms.
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