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Thanks so much for the thread GrandmaG! That really helped!
Thanks! I will try that.
I'm making some decorations using black fondant and gumpaste. I thought once they sat the extra powdered sugar would absorb but it didn't. You will be able to see the pieces from both sides so I need to get rid of all excess. Would would you use? I tried a small paint brush with water and it helped but the pieces became sticky and they take a long time to dry. I think volka might work? Can i use lemon juice? Any suggestions? I hope this makes sense. Thanks~
Aunt Judy, go to the recipes tab on this site and then go to search. Type in "diabetic white cake" and you should get the recipe. Sorry don't have time to post the recipe here right now. have to leave work and get home so I can start baking. If you can't find it let me know and I will type it here for you later. I let you know how it comes out.
the recipe didn't say whether to use liquid or crystalized. It calls for 1/2 cup. I'm guessing the crystalized form. I never thought about the pharmacy. That's a great idea! Thanks!
My grandmother is diabetic and she told me all she wants for Christmas is for me to make her a "sugar-free" cake. I found a recipe for a white cake on this site that sounds good. The problem is when I looked for sorbitol in my local grocery store I could not find it. Does anyone know if Wal-Mart carries it or if I can substitute with something else? Another "sugar-free" recipe could also be helpful. Thanks in advance!Happy holidays!
I have been doing cakes now for about a year and all of my orders have been from word of mouth. I plan on opening a cake shop soon and one idea I have for generating bussiness is to have a free taste testing. I will invite my friends and family and ask each person to try to bring atleast one person. I will ask for feedback on taste and decorating styles. This way they get to taste my products, I get experience, and hopefully I get bussiness. The testers get free...
are you sure that your oven is heating correctly? Use an oven thermometer to check the tempature. Be sure to preheat your oven too. We all have bad days. Just stick in there! You can do it! Consider taking a break for a week or two to catch up on sleep and try to get a little relaxtion in too. Good luck!
In a class I once took the teacher recommended that we put "open for disscusion" when an application asks for a desired salary amount. It's what i always use. This way you don't put an amount way lower then they are willing to pay and you won't sound too greedy. Decide on what you want or need to get paid before you go on the interview and remember don't sell yourself short!
We can't even get meat in southeast la. Everyone is replenishing their freezers due to the loss of power from the storm. Alot of things will be different as New Orleans was a producer of many products and a major port. Please remember not to panic. The more we panic and stock pile items the less there is on the selves. People should conserve on gas too. Most people don't realize that LA produces 30% of our nation's gas and most of that production is at a stand still....
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