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While I love this recipe from Hershey, I have the same problem with cupcake wrappers when I use it for cupcakes.  The cupcakes fall almost every time. I'd be curious to know the answer, as well.
I'm wondering why this client doesn't get a Walmart cake, if that's the taste she wants. Frankly, one time I tasted a Walmart cupcake. Took one bite, spit it out, and threw out the rest. It tasted like cardboard-y chemicals. No, DRY cardboard-y chemicals. I'd never want to try to duplicate that!
I've been scrolling through this thread, and got up to page 6 or 7 and quit. Where is the recipe for this? Did I miss it, or is it not here? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
If it continues, you probably need additional help. Of course you need to rest it, which is probably impossible, I'm guessing. Cortisone injections may help. Will probably help. Is there a reason you don't want them? They have saved many people from additional pain and treatment. Are you able to take NSAIDs? Have you tried these? If you don't have hypertension or kidney disease, you should consider these. You might be amazed at the almost immediate relief you feel. A...
I've wanted to make a checkerboard cake since I was around 10, and saw my neighbor's mother make one for my friend. I held down the plastic separator while pouring in in the batter, as I could see that the batter would ooze out the bottom. They all baked up fairly well, but won't know how it looks cut, until we cut into it later today. I'm very curious to see how the checkerboards do or do not line up.
I haven't baked a cake in months. My life is wildly out of control, unfortunately, and decorating cakes just doesn't have a place in my world now. Today, however, I took off from work, in order to have one day to decompress before my husband has his 9th bone graft and fusion on Monday. I decided (in all my wisdom) to use the new Wilton checkerboard pans that have been sitting in my closet for many months.WHAT A PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! I did finally get them baked, and have...
Oh my! What an ingenious idea! thank you! Can you freeze the dry cake mix between uses? Or, how long will it last in a tupperware container on the shelf?
I purchased my first Betty Crocker cake mixes in many months yesterday. And they are so much smaller, I was shocked! I typically use the WASC recipe, and am wondering how you all have been modifying it to accommodate the smaller mix size. Thanks for any suggestions!
The little pins that came with these strips all bent with the first use. What else do you all use for these?
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