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This site may be of help to you. Good luck.
Please help as I am unable to find the answer.I would like to try using Isomalt for the first time. Unfortunately I do not understand if I have to purchase a mold made of special material for the isomalt or can I use any silicone mold? I certainly do not want to destroy the few silicone molds I have at this time by experimenting.Thanks for the help and advice I know CC members will give.
Just did exactly that and they baked up just fine.
Am not aware of the post but the following may help. The Kaleidoscope Cake Tutorial is about half way down.
Watch this Satin Ice UTube video (Two Layer Cake) by Mercedes. It might help.She mentions about preventing bubbles about 8.44 into the video almost at the end.
Have a look at this as suggested by Rylan of CC. in another forum as it might help you. Please note there are three parts to this.
Thank you for explaning the system bgsoltis.
Sorry to hear of your experience and ditto what crazboutcakes said. It is really important to make the fondant ahead and let it sit and rest. Make it even a week ahead. Seems you had too much on your hands and not enought time. Am sure your next attempt will be better and the one after that will be even better yet. Keep going.
Please let me know what is SPS.
Mimifix, Unfortunately I am still unable to remember where I saw this tip of molding the foil to the back of the cupcake pan but there were pictures showing how it was done and it seemed fine to me. Cannot remember if they used heavy duty foil or regular.
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