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Thanks for your reply! I saw your post too, and thought similar, but not sure it's the same. I just email the caker to ask. Her web site is http:// www.cakes by more i look , i'm thinkg painted fondant cut out, ot really thick buttercream transfer. hmmm any other guesses?
i found this on a search and would like to know what method this is, it's amazing.
I love the look of the bleached and unbleached square parchment liners for cupcakes....does anyone have the measurments and instructions. I also would like to know the best place to get them. Has anyone tried colors?Thanks, here is a link to a pic of one¤t=IMG_1706.jpg&newest=1
I just wanted to share that I tried BC spackle on a carved sheriff star cake. I didn't have enough chocolate for ganache and wanted nice, firm, pointed star ends. After reading a thread where someone was talking about Toba Garrett's Spackle recipe, I decided to try. WOW!!! It worked like a charm. I carved, used pieces to add to BC and some choc ganache(instead of preserves) i did have, covered the cake. It had a great firm shape and nice crumb coat too. I then covered with...
I've made cakes in pyrex bowls not sure the size, but definatly would cook at 325 and for a longer time around an hour(I cook most cakes @ 325, because I like them full). I also use an insta read thermometer now, $5< and take it out about 200 Deg.
I read somewhere on here, to preheat oven to 400, then put cup cakes in and bake a few (honestly I forgot how long..I just bake about 5-10 min) and then reduce heat for the remainder of cooking time. It works for me. I read this and then accidentally tried it out now I always try to use this method. HTH
I use fondant as accents and the only problem I had was when the fondand pieces were too thick. The weight of some on the sides started to slide, so I would just roll and make them thin as possible. I also put the finished cake in the fridge until ready to deliver. I think if the pieces i use was black, I would let dry a bit, or make and color a day or two ahead so fondant w/b pliable but not too soft.
Hi, I bake in a Deck Oven, it is a Nemco pizza oven. It bakes fine, I just leave a oven themometer in it and bake by that. I have noticed that when I open the door, to rotate or add an ingredient, the temp drops quickly. The door is solid so I have to time everything and really pay attention to the smells. I get better with each item with practice. The other thing is the heating elements are on top and around the edges, so I watch where I place my pans and if I have large...
Thanks A Bunch I saw this on thier site and "assumed" it was only if I bought from them...Ijust purchased from Joanne's. Thats pretty cool, esp when I just spent ALL on the machine!Blessings to you, hope you enjoy the mini
Melvira has a lime recipe that sounds awesome! She says it's ti die for...I bet she's right!
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