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My manager's partner's parents were celebrating a significant anniversary recently and their daughter wanted to get them a replica of their original 3 tier wedding cake. With two days notice she asked a colleague of mine (for yes, I have a full time job too!) if she thought I would be able to make the cake. Thankfully this question was never asked directly of me as my manager, when told that I would probably need more notice, replied "Why? It's only a replica of their...
That's a great idea, Luckylibra, hadn't considered that. Would also mean I wouldn't have to worry about excess baggage charges on the way home!
Thanks everyone, this is great info!
That's great, thanks for your quick reply
Hi cakers, I'm in the UK but will be visiting the US (OR, WA, ID) for three weeks next year and I'm hoping to stock up on a few supplies that are difficult or impossible to get over here. What I'm hoping you can tell me is, where's the best place to pick up stuff that's easy to find ie. Walmart etc. Forgive me for not knowing many of the larger stores in America!We can get Americolor and Wilton stuff over here but they're very expensive in comparison and if we order from...
Oooh, thanks JSmith! I've just been asked to make a graduation cake and up until I watched that video I was stuck with the idea of making the whole thing out of cake which meant covering it all in black fondant - don't know about in the USA, but here in the UK, black fondant does NOT taste good! I have a whole new plan now for a much nicer cake with a chocolate cap
No, she is highly experienced and her cakes are just beautiful, she's done thousands of wedding cakes. I'll have to ask her next week.Anyway, I used straws and it worked like a charm so thanks everyone!!
Straws it is then!Thanks everyone
Hi I'm about to make my first two-tier stacked cake this week and asked my class tutor for a little advice last night. She told me that she never uses dowels as technically, once you insert dowels in to a cake, you introduce bacteria and therefore render it inedible.Does anyone use any alternatives to dowels? I've searched the web but can't see anything. My tutor just stacks the cakes but I've seen what happens when the lower ones bulge under the weight!Thanks guys
BOOBS! Covered of course, it's cheeky and fun. Or check out Cherrooh's pic for something like this
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