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thank you so much tamimisha! i have been scouring the threads trying to see if someone else has asked this question before and could not find anything!
Hi guys,   I just got the cake mix doctor book and really want to try her recipes but wanted to know if i could use them in pans other than the 9x13 or 9inch pans? And if so how do I do this?  Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated.
I did it! I brought The Cake Mix Doctor and Cake Pops for a total of 16.89! the first book was 4.99 no shipping and the second was 7.95 w/ 3.95 shipping!! a true bargin the store price was 15.95 for both I think and only a few dollars less with an online discount! excited about both books can't wait to get them.
Thank you IAmPamCakes!!!
Hi guys,   I am looking to buy some petal dusts and I found the website above in one of the threads.  Has anyone every used there Petal Dusts?  It does not say who makes them.  However the colors have the same names as the ck petal dusts do. are they from the same company?
Hi guys, I have The Cake Mix Doctor book which I love but wanted to know if there is any way to use her recipe's in different size and shaped pans?  And also how to make up for the smaller mix sizes? do I add more mix from another box or is there another way? Thanks!
has anyone ever bought straight from PME any of the others websites?
doramoreno62 Thank you! you guys are helping to put my mind at ease!
Thank you ellavanilla.  I really want these cutters but I am just so nervous about buying them.  I am going to give it a try though and hope all goes well. 
Hi guys!   I am looking at some flower cutters and wondered if anyone has ever bought them from ebay? They are extrememly cheap but I have no experience with ebay and am worried about the product not being as advertised.  I also wanted to know if anyone has ever had any experience with the overseas sellers like Hong Kong?   Thanks for any advice you can give me!
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