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Great cake Tiddy and a special way of saying "thank you". Loved the lettering on the CentrePoint cake Siany. What was the colour of your fondant? Good luck today, Jo. Storm hit here at 4.20 but I was wide awake with this stinking cold......then fell asleep just before the alarm. Typical!!
Maisie, sorry grandad is unwell. Hope he feels better tomorrow. Just spoke to mam and told her you and your mam were asking after her. She was very touched. Not so good today - had family visiting yesterday which in itself is good as it distracts from the constant pain but she finds she is very tired next day. Her skin is so sore and that isn't showing any improvement as yet.
Wonderful news Kathy. I'm so pleased for you. xx
Taste is gorgeous. Very rich, dark and chocolatey. I did it for one of the tiers on my nephew's wedding cake and the chef at the venue sent out his complements on how it had turned out and cut.
Jo , loved both cakes but esp the 80's theme. Glad you had a good birthday Loubee. Welcome Miapie, good to have you here. How about a sneak peek, of "work in progress" Tiddy? Start dropping big hints for a new tablet for the upcoming birthday Barbara. Isn't there a new iPad out so maybe there are some second hand ones around? I had my "play day" yesterday. I didn't get as much done as I wanted but at least got the centre for my next David Austin rose done to drying stage....
Jane Hornby's recipe is the one I use all the time. It cuts beautifully. You do get a crust on the top though (I think it's the high sugar ratio) so I usually scale the recipe up a bit to get the depth I need after trimming.
Dying and waiting for pics. Welcome back Kelsey. Hope you had a great time. Rome on my bucket list!
Marvel dying to hear the reaction to your WONDERFUL medal cake. That would have made such an impression on them, they would be thrilled. Stop being so hard on yourself! Oh Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Can't diddle diddle, um diddle day! Suzanne loved the green yellow combo..don't we all hate candles? Ok I've had my uncontrollable Suzanne fingers on this week and got some really cool stuff for Halloween from the Asda website. Amazing skull / ghoul...
Just can't keep those fingers under control can you Suzanne?
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