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Hi all - and welcome to the newbies. Sorry haven't been around much lately but we my darling eldest cat has been going downhill and she gave up her fight overnight on Monday. DH and I are devastated even though we knew it was going to happen at some stage.   Barbara - hope Sarah starts to improve soon - you must be worried sick.   I'll try and catch up another time.   Lxx
Happy birthday Lizzy - hope you are having a great day.
Well not quite the Sunday I had planned. Was "blue lighted" to hospital at 5.30 this morning with chest pain. Just got home after ECGs and blood tests. Luckily no indication of cardiac problems. Not sure what caused it though!!
Brilliant cake, Barbara. I wouldn't known where to start. Great idea to use the impression mat on the board. I have that set too-it's the Autumn Carpenter set. Got mine on the Stephen Benison stand at CI. What design are you doing, Kelsey?
Sorry to hear about your start to 2015, Kathy. Hope your back improves soon. Roxy can you describe the Anna Olsen method to get the heart shape. My biggest cakes have been a 12" square and 12" round. Also did a 12"x 15" for my swimming pool cake. Bigger cakes are a challenge - you have to move quickly to get the sp in place. Still easier than a birdcage though!
I bought the streetwise mat before it was distributed in the UK, and before they did the Pro version. I think I mentioned I sometimes had trouble with "pockmarks" so now I use the lightest if sprinkling of icing sugar which seems to have helped. Can't comment on the pro but would recommend the mat just for the ease of lifting and placing.....and no elephant skin.
The cake for your nan is lovely, Roxy. Is that rose a Karen Davies mould?
Roxy - so sorry you have had such an awful day. Try to say better 31 Dec than 1 Jan. Wishing you and yours a better day tomorrow and for 2015. I'm having "brother" problems too but trying not to dwell on them but very hard as the New Year comes in! Maisie - what a result , you must be so pleased. Hope you were able to relax and enjoy it once you had it in place. Hope Leah is so whacked after the day she isn't upset by the fireworks. Lxx
Staying at home tonight as didn't want to leave sick cat on NYE so preparing a lovely seafood platter for the two of us (will make a change after all the meat of this week). Also still nursing sore throat and cough so probably best not to be spreading it around. Not safe to let out so maybe just as well . At least I won't have any new bruises tomorrow!! Wishing you all a healthy (most of all), happy and prosperous 2015. Lynne xx
Wow Lelly -clever girl. Never tried wafer paper - too scared so well done. Barbara, immaculate as always. Just love the colour. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow Chezza and you are going through an adjustment period. Maisie, we are all behind you. Hard enough doing a wedding cake without all the other stuff you are dealing with. Dying to see the result- but remember once it is there forget about it and enjoy the wedding. TBH I was surprised at how minor a part the...
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