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Barbara - calm down dear. Your cakes are always beautiful! (She says panicking about her own wedding cake!!) I like to arrange the flowers on a dummy for a topper as you can fiddle around more and you see if you need to make any more pieces. I dreamed last night that because I was using the premixed Cake Lace which isn't as soft as the original, that the snowflakes wouldn't stick on the sides and when we got to the venue they had all dropped off and left the sides of the...
For Leah! Loved the pony cake Mel- adorable!
Lovely toppers Sugarluva, adore the Bears!
Thanks all for the birthday wishes. Had a lovely day but drank too much champagne so faded out during Strictly. Just about to watch again the watch the dance off. Busy day today painting and dusting. First stab at arranging on a dummy. Will position a bit more to left on the cake, I think.
Lovely Barbara. They take ages don't they. I had to make a second David Austin rose for my wedding cake next week - just in case I broke the first one. Got to do calyxes and dusting tomorrow then the scary bit- wiring them into a spray. Thank heavens I am finishing work Tues night as I have the wedding cake and 4 Christmas cakes to decorate before Santa comes!
Ouch Sugar - that hurt!
Sorry to hear about Justin, Tiddy. He was very lucky only to have broken ribs after falling from that height. Very painful though. Tell him not to sneeze, it's agony! 58 today! DH got me two vouchers for more Debbie Brown classes. Aren't I the lucky one? Leisurely bath then out to lunch. Lovely minion cake.
Flying in and out. Hope you all have a lovely day Suzanne! Hi to everyone else. Must go!
Well done with the cakes and the kids Maisie. Bet they had a great time with you.   Glad the op is over Chezza - take care and make sure you are spoiled at home.   Enjoy the makeup session today Suzanne - pity you don't live nearer to Kelsey.   Congrats to Sarah, Barbara. Good excuse for a new dress.   Just on briefly but picked this up on email which might be of interest. They are having a 12 days of Christmas event. Satin Ice reduced...
Brilliant Barbara!
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