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Hi all, flying visit as 81 yr old mum isn't well (shingles- 4 weeks so far and constant pain wearing her down I think.) so driving north in morning. Hope you are all well. Loved your cakes this week. Kuuushey for heavens sake SLEEP! You will start to feel better once rested. Thanks for all the jokes they really helped start my Friday.
Oh and belated happy birthday wishes to gumpaste John, Barbara.
Morning all. Great cakes all. Re extruders; I had the red one but found it harder to use with iffy wrists so moved to the green Makins extruders and love it. The tip is to put plenty of trex into your gumpaste otherwise when it extrudes yo get a "scaley" effect. Kelsey could you reduce your hours to see how the cake business grew? I know you work in Pharma which is usually well paid. (I'm a Pharma consultant). So you need to do the sums to see if you can afford to lose...
Morning all. Back from Turkey and back to reality; grey sky, sound of the washing machine going full pelt, piles of laundry and a trip to Tesco in store to restock the fridge.....then back to work tomorrow. Hope all is o.k with everyone. I passed your details on Suzanne - hope it comes to something. Lovely cake even though you didn't like the concept. MkIII my favourite. Back off for a little while Kelsey to see if you get your balance and enthusiasm back. Think of your...
Hi guys, anyone near Bexleyheath? Kathy or Suzanne? One of the ladies here in the hotel was looking at my cake pics and says her brother in law is coming up 60 and she wanted a cake. I'm too far away. No idea what she is after other than he supports Spurs and likes to fish.
Welcome back Barbara. Glad you have had a good time AND have cake orders to come home to. We are sitting on the balcony enjoying the Turkish sunshine and drinking G&Ts when we should be packing to come home tomorrow. Just had an email about harvest supper, then it will be Halloween then Christmas. Yikes. I bet the shops will have the Christmas sweets and deccies in while we have been away. And that is another year under the belt!... And nearly another birthday and...
Maisie that is wonderful. Wish you could have been there. You must be buzzing. Kelsey what fabulous work. No wonder you are exhausted.
Ok Maisie , we need to know more: what is the format, when, is she in school uniform?
Maisie, no wonder you have been beside yourself with excitement! Now how was I supposed to guess that one? Just shows that with the right upbringing, even with difficulties, our kids can shine. Well done to Leah but pat on the back to her wonderful and devoted mum. My hat is off to you! Lynne xx   Possible side design
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