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Blimey Tidds - you are indestructible.! Most of us mere mortals would be curled up in a ball in the corner sobbing having just gone through all that. Amazing!
Loved the KFC sugaluva - how did you do the corn? Jo - if I'm not too late a Piece of Cake recommend Wilton Rose for Hot Pink. It's what I used on the 21st birthday shoe cake in my pics.   The bar mitzvah cakes are all great too.
Sorry to hear your news Tiddy. At least you have someone's attention now - well overdue. All our love and thoughts. Xx
Great cake Marvel. Hope you are feeling better.
Hope the hospital gets you sorted Tiddy. It's cruel you are suffering so much after all this time. Sending hugs. Xx
Lovely cakes Marvel - especially loved the rainbow cake I wonder why?
Are you going to any of the demos?
...and my spirit level is one of my favourite cake tools. Xxx
Oh Tiddy fab to hear from you. I was beginning to think you'd slid off to neurosurgery without telling us. Whatever you have to do will only be strengthened by the thoughts and prayers of you "cake friends" around you. Sending you hugs. I think I might me the only one going to CI on Sat.
Hi all back from "up north" looking after mam with shingles on Tues then straight into work catch up. Still worried about her as the pain levels are awful but at least my sister is back from hols now. Hope you are all well. Too many pages to comment on but LOVED the DA rose Mel. I've been looking at them for a while, I have the PP book too. The "to try" list when I retire is 10 miles long- hope I don't pass on before I cross some of them off. Suzanne - gorgeous classy...
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