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Hi all. So glad the three of you had a lovely meet up. Great photo. Loved the cupcake toppers, esp the blue ones but liked the idea of the snowman on his travels too. Angel of the North made me quite homesick! Patchwork cutters are nice to use and a huge selection, but work better with the Mexican paste. Don't try to substitute gumpaste or SP with CMC as it doesn't work so well. Lovely ring Jo. My hubby bought my solitaire for my 40th. Once I also lost the sapphire out...
Great to see you back Lizzy, but sad to hear the builders STILL haven't finished!
Lovely Kitten cakes Siany. Did you enjoy the day?
Thanks Jean. It's actually sugarpaste with some CMC as this was a topper, but it could be carved out of cake.
Lovely time yesterday with Debbie Brown. We did a Cinderella topper. There was a young lady there who had already made 3 wedding cakes and she was only 14 years old....amazing! Great Castle cake Gray. You must be pleased with how the car turned out, Jean. Looked like it went down well. Loved the colours and the bird on your lace cake Barbara. You did right to turn that cake down for the New Year. With your order book before Christmas you will need some "downtime" with the...
Morning all! Just throwing a piece of toast down then off to spend the day learning from Debbie Brown!!! whohoooo!
Welcome to the thread Smysha. I'm a hobby baker too and mainly use Tescos fondant but for "special" cakes I like Covapaste and Squires Kitchen. SK have some lovely colours. I use Renshaws (reluctantly) when I need dark colours like the red on my Ferrari! I haven't tried PME or SPD so can't comment on them.
Hope the Ferrari is coming on well Jean. Great cake chezza. Was the lace still warm, Barbara? I am doing a Christmas wedding cake but think someone else is too - Barbara or Mel perhaps? Have a wonderful holiday Sugarluva. Make sure you buy loads of cakey bits. I was naughty yesterday bought some chain moulds from The Cake Dec Co before the discount code expired. Whoops!
O.k. I 've just sent a message to her website. Let's see if I get a response!
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