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Hi I wonder if anyone has any experience of doing wheat and gluten free cakes that are deeper? I need my cakes to come up to at least 3" deep this time round to match up to a fruit cake and some dummy cakes. I'm using my usual recipe for vanilla and one for chocolate I just wonder if anyone can advise as to getting them deeper? I thought about baking extras and layering but made that mistake before of them being different sized rounds despite coming from the same pan lol....
Thank you both so much for this, this is so helpful. I don't have an airbrush either so relying on dusts. I guess I need to work pretty quick for it to stay on the fish once i've indented the scales. Love the fish cake!I really appreciate the replies thank you
Hi can anyone help me please? I need to carve a cake into the shape of a fish and it to be realistic too. can anyone give me any pointers on the carving for this as I want it to look "rounded"/3D. Is it best to create this cake off the board and move it? I'm worried that once I ice it I won't have enough time to create scales and dust it before it dries.Any help would be greatly appreciated before I get sleepless nights
Hi all, I'm based in the UK and i've been asked to create some Smurf cookies but cutters don't seem so easy to come by. Can anyone suggest somewhere I may be able to get Smurf cookie cutters, I don't mind even if I have to order and have shipped in but we're so limited here it seems Loving the cookies on here and the Smurf ones are fab hope i can do them justice thank you
hi yeah a real mini one though, i've seen a cake on a website in the US that did it but just wondering the best way to tackle this
Hi I've been asked to put a mini champagne bottle in the corner of a square cake. Around the top edge where the bottle is to go it has to have the edge of a champagne bucket effect. Anyone any ideas on the best way of doing this of putting the bottle in the cake without it ripping out the side, and to lean against the bucket? I'm concerned about putting a bottle in a cake for health reasons too - I was thinking of wrapping the base in cling film (wrap)? Thanks for any...
I hve edible icing sheets that are white, i like the idea of printing on them. do you have to take it off the backing sheet and put on the cricut mat or do you leave it on it's backing sheet and put on a sticky mat for the cricut? thank you
possibly heavy shipping fee then
hi to the joiners with regard to the butter cream I use the same ratio but always add a little milk to my mixture it does make it easier to pipe. I also add a little milk to crumb coat mix as it's easier to apply. HTH sorry I can't help with cake pops as I don't make them
wish we got such fab thing in the UK for the Cricut
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