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I've never worked with RKT before other than the actual make them, coat with icing, then fondant?  
What do you model the legs and feet out of? Is there a tutorial?  
Maybe I missed it somewhere, I sat here and read 15 pages of there a tutorial for LOTUS FLOWERS? Gumpaste/fondant cherry blossoms?
I feel soooooo much better after reading through this thread! I've come unglued quite a few times. At times hubby will start the 50 questions kick, but with one look... He's learned to just keep time when I call for TIME...I don't watch the clock, but when I yell TIME, someone in the house knows to answer me right away! I've had the cursing, sobbing, I'm never doing another freaking cake again fits! I've had the throw the spatula, fling the icing, kick the cabinet...
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