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I have tried both ck g-paste mix and the baker's kitchen brand to make the flexible royal icing. ck worked pretty good, but the baker's kitchen gpaste mix stayed flexible longer. I've been playing with this stuff and it's fun. I made a cake for a skiing friend and piped snowflakes out, (traced the patterns) and stuck them all over the cake, even bent over the edges. (none broke! Yoo-Hoo!) I havn't tried wilton, it's too expensive!
I think this formula for flexible gumpaste will work the same as Sugar veil, but a fraction of the cost......
Sorry I got so excited, I never wrote the recipe! I added 1/3 cup hot water to 1 cup of powdered gumpaste mix (the baker's kitchen brand available on their website) and whipped like royal icing. It is a little soft and stringy (the gums), but worth it. After one day, it was rubbery, after 2 days it did get a little fragile. I even experimented by piping a long rope onto greased parchment, and later peeled it off and wrapped it around my cake for a border!
I just found out that you can use powdered gumpaste mix to make a flexible royal icing. I tried the baker's kitchen brand of g.p. mix and the instructions are on the bag. Usually when I pipe out decorations like snowflakes or monograms, they are so brittle that I have to make 2X as many as I need to cover for breakage. I piped out monograms onto greased parchment paper laid over a pattern I printed off the computer and the next day, they were rubbery when I peeled them...
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