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Does anyone know where you can buy the Hello Kitty Greetings Cricut cartridge? I want to make a Hello Kitty cake, and thought I would try that cartridge in my Cricut Cake. I've looked on Ebay, but they sell for over a hundred dollars. Is there an online store somewhere that sells them??
Has anyone used the Silhouette cutter? I'm confused as to how it works. Does it print edible ink onto the gumpaste and then cut it? I was on Linda's site but it doesn't really explain how it works.
I freeze my cakes not frosted. I cover them in saran and then a layer of aluminum foil and freeze them while they are still warm from the oven. When I pull them out of the freezer that is when I level them and then I dam/fill/frost them. I'm sure you'll get lots of varying responses on this, as I think everyone adapts their own technique to what works best for them. There probably is a way to freeze them already frosted, but I've never done it.
Lovelyladylibra SPS stands for Single Plate Separator system. There's a bunch of tutorials on here about it.
[quote="Kitagrl"]I always use bubble tea straws in topsy turvy cakes. You do have to use plenty of can't just use 4-5 and have it hold up. they should be about 2" apart or so. Yup that was my problem I bet. I used the bubble tea straws like I would wood dowels. Definitely need to either put more in next time or most likely I'll just stick with wood.
Thanks everyone for the advice. I used a dense cake recipe that was specific for these types of cakes. All my tiers were 3 - 2 inch layers with cake boards in between the top layer. I also did the cut the hole technique, but for whatever reason it still fell apart I ended up with a one tiered cake (and a whole lot of cake to make cake pops). I think next time I will try using the SPS system, I think that will definitely work better. I do wonder if it was my dowels. ...
Has anyone else had a topsy turvy fall over or am I the only one? This was my first (and LAST) attempt at making a topsy turvy cake. My whole top tier completely fell apart and all my layers bulged even though I let them settle first. Argh! Not to mention all my troubles with my fondant today. This cake was a disaster from start to finish. I just want to give up....
Don't use your hand mixer you will fry out the motor. I would just mix it by hand with a big spoon in a bowl. There are some tutorials on how to do it online, you could just Google it.
Anyone aware of the regulations in Waterloo or Guelph region?
Here is a recipe that might help you.
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