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Jenny,I really like your idea of making a trade with the photog at weddings. If the lighting is good, that is where the cake would look it's prettiest- hopefully. The kitchen I am going to be working out of is in a coffee shop, they have a nice peach/terracotta wall color and lots of sunlight. It might work if it's not too busy and I can get the shot quickly. I'm wondering if anyone has used home-made "light reflectors" (I don't know the technical name) like I've seen the...
I just started a thread on this same topic, not knowing someone already had this going...hehe
Hi, I am fairly new to CC. I have been a pastry chef/chef for years and I am now starting my cake business. I got to do the occasional cake when I worked for a catering company and it was always my favorite thing to do- but I never took pictures of any of my cakes- I didn't plan on starting a cake business at the time! So now I have to build a portfolio. I have noticed not only amazingly beautiful cakes here, but GREAT photography! I don't really want to buy any expensive...
Use dust or powder colors and clear vanilla or vodka. It acts like the water colors we had as children. ~Rachel
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