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Need to do lots of treats for a Sweet 16, how fast in advance can i start? I'm making: cakepops rice krispy treats dipped in chocolate chocolate covered oreos cupcakes chocolate covered pretzels maybe macaroons cookies deco w/fondant chocolate covered marshmallows and Candy apples     Thanks in advance for the help!  
Thank you all for all the wonderful advice. I will start doing what has been suggested and will post an update. Last time i made a recipe the cupcakes were too dry. Yesterdays recipe and the time before, for some weird reason i feel like my cupcakes taste like corn muffins. I am using real butter at room temp as well as eggs at room temp. Question, should i be measuring first then sifting? or sift & then measure? I usually measure first. How long Can i keep the powder and...
Thank you, IamPamCakes! i will definately get some books and read up on it. I am following the directions, im worried about the ingredients now. how long can i have flour, baking powder and soda opened for? i have it all in tight sealed plastic containers. I am happy to say my icings work out just fine. i have tried quite a few recipes.
Everytime i try a new recipe i find online or on books it just doesnt turn put right. I have tried making cupcakes, no good. I have been using the enhanced cake recipe and everyone seems to like it. but i would love to master baking from scratch. help?! please. thank you!
I'm wondering what the difference will be when making a cake with self rising flour vs all purpose flour. Also what can you use the SRF for?Thank you all!
Thanks for the suggestions!how can i make my fondant into poured icing?
Hi All,Can anyone Please help? I'm looking for something other than chocolate to cover cake pops. Any suggestions? My son can not eat chocolate. I feel bad making all these pops and he's not able to eat them. Thank you! Kat
I just did that w/the WASC and when i baked, it baked pretty flat.
thanks for answering my questions! i appreciate the help.
thanks for the tip. And WOW!! those cake truffles look great!How did you get them so nicely round and smooth? do you add chips to it? and what type of chocolate do you use? im craving some right now. thanksKat
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