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Ditto what Mimifix said. Only it is not sometimes, it is all the time. If this is scratch, then you overmixed when adding the flour. If it is a mix, I can't help you. But I'm pretty sure overmmixing a cake mix will cause the same problem.
Unfortunately there are some store brands that are not all vegetable. I have never used them, but they are mentioned here on CC.
Sweetex is not made of animal fats. It is made of Soy which is a vegetable.Sweetex Z is made of Palm oilSpectrum that you can buy at a health food store or your local organic section is also Vegan, Gluten Free and is made of palm oil.
Same thing happened to me! Only it was after a week. I had to scramble and put the black part of a CD case in the bottom and cover it so you couldn't see it. I was furious. Now I know I will never use that fondant again. Thanks for sharing.
I keep all my cupcakes in air tight containers. If that was the problem, it would be happening across all cupcakes. Instead it is only the citrus ones. I would rather have a peeling cupcake than a dry cupcake. And by not putting them into airtight containers, they dry out. But that is my preference. It does not mean it is gospel.
Wow, my last post was so riddled with typos, I can't even understand it!I had it happen again today. And only on my citrus cupcakes. Not all of them, but just a few. I keep my cupcakes as airtight as possible. And it wasn't until they were under the cake domes that they started to peel. I'm going to start paying attention to where they are in the cake stand to see if it is the ones near the outer edge or inner edge. I'll figure this out sooner or later. But I think...
I have said allcalong unserbsking will contribute to peeling liners. I still believe in my care it is something with the citrus in the recipe. These are the only ones where it happens for me.
Okay, let's not get confused about the "rules" posted here for the cupcakes. It is not cut in stone and can be changed. In fact if you look at the book Bakewise as well as Professional Baking there are two rules. One is for a "shortened" cake and the other is for a "hi-ratio" cake. Depending on what kind of flour you use, you CAN use the formulas for either cake. Having said that I will say that it is also okay to bend some of the "rules". I do all the time, but my...
This conversation has come up over and over again. In the past when it came up I swore it was from underbaking. BUT funny thing is I never can recall asking what the flavor of the cake was or if it was mix or scratch. Because I used to never get cupcake liners peeling. That is until last week when I open a cake shop and need them to look pristine and what happens is I get papers peeling off the cupcakes! And which ones were peeling? The one with citrus juice in them...
A food processor will work better than a blender, lot more room at the bottom instead of the smaller blade and space in a blender.Rose of The Cake Bible recommends this is a good way to get superfine sugar, so it definitely will work.
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