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I would love to see a link for the one with 125 pages of rave reviews. I don't have time to go searching myself. Thanks!
There is no photo or link to a photo. It would be hard to answer your question without seeing a reference.
I asked which kind of cake it is because it does make a difference in how it works in and out of the oven. My scratch cakes will rise in the oven, but when they come out they sink til they are totally flat, not sunken in the middle. If it is a scratch recipe it may have just acted normal. If it is a mix, it might not be the same. Either way if it sinks to a totally flat topped cake, then it is a good thing.
It is not the cake flour. It is probably the margarita mix you are using. And I'll guess it is the process you use to put it together. It is not posted here so I can't be sure. You have lots of stuff here that will make a cake dense. the margarita mix, the strawberry preserves, a lot of different liquids and probably not enough baking soda to neutralize what looks like a little too much acid in the batter.Where did you get the recipe? Not all recipes found online are...
What is your recipe?
I don't care how good you can bake. If you don't have an eye for business you are setting up yourself for possible failure. IMO the financial end is the most important. But that is just me. My son looks at it from his economics degree side. I look at it from the accounting/finance side. My DH comes to the business from his MBA side. My DD is the marketing/computer/social director side of things with her degree. I feel we have a well rounded team.If I could not have...
Did you give your tools a vinegar and or alcohol bath?Sounds like you got some grease or maybe a speck of yolk in their some where.
I agree with Mimifix. It has way too much leavening, way, way too much. Either cut out the self-rising flour or the leavening added. Personally I would cut the self-rising flour. That way you have more control over how much leavening is added.More leavening gives you a crumbly, fall apart cupcake. Less leavening, meaning not enough NOT less than what is stated here, gives you a flat dense cupcake. And with that much leavening and only 1 egg and 1 1/4 cup flour (both...
A scratch cake is not the only way to have a dry cake. I have tasted some very dry box mixes in my lifetime. It is the way it is prepared and the recipe that will make it dry. If you do use syrup, put it on hot out of the oven. It will help with the absorption.
Scratch recipe or Mix?
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