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The best information I can give you is this - GET AN ATTORNEY. It is complicated and this should be a viable expense in your business plan. If you have not accommodated for this, it will bite you in the long run. In fact it already has. Because an attorney would have been able to tell you that your insurance guy is full of BS and you need find another. They are paid to protect you, not scam you.Seriously, let them and their extensive knowledge do all this for you, so...
Given that 7 quarts are new and only sold at WS, I think it will be a long, long time before you find refurbished ones. I personally love the 7 quart. You can't use it for smaller batches of stuff due the fact that there is not enough batter to mix it properly. But for other things it is great. We are loving it in the shop. Plus the shiny red color is fun to see in a sea of stainless steel.
This was my thought too, epecially when it is twice as much as is normally needed for that amount of flour.
Brown sugar, thhe high end brands, has molasses in it. If anything it would either be the same sweetness, or sweeter. So have you made SMBC with brown sugar or are you speculating?The SMBC with cream cheese is not a real tangy cream cheese. You will get a more subtle flavor than the crusting one. And it is expensive to make. I charge more for that given all the cream cheese I have to add before you can actually tell there is cream cheese in SMBC.
Well KA is not really cake flour. It is a cake flour blend that acts like cake flour.Cake flour does give cake a different flavor than AP. I am not a fan of cake flour cake either. But what it is it exactly you don't like about the flavor? Are you making a scratch white cake with egg whites only? That will have a different taste.
What is the process of how it is made? Creamed, dump, reversed creaming, egg whites pre-whipped? 1 cup of egg whites is approximately 8 egg whites. And how white can it get with brown sugar? What part of it tastes so well with your filling? The fact that it is white? and how much vanilla too?I have some of her books, I'll have to look this one up.
My business is in NY state. If you are the owners of the company and the only ones working you can waive the workmen's comp and disability. And your insurance company should know this because it was our insurance company that told us this. Unless it is a requirement for the place where you are renting the kitchen, then your insurance company is trying to sell you something you do not need. This means you should find another insurance company.As owners of our company,...
You are not the only voice of dissent. I too pipe royal icing directly onto SMBC all the time. I do not refrigerate it afterwards though. So the condensation may be the difference.Royal icing will deteriorate over time in fat. But it is not instantaneous and most of the time the cake is eaten before it starts to take effect.
Which brand of GF flour did you use?
Yes I do. I own From Scratch Cakery in Perinton. If you are a home certified kitchen in Monroe County, thn you have your own commercial kitchen separate from your home kitchen, correct? There is a huge difference between being an in-home certified kitchen and a separate kitchen. For example the home certified kitchen that you would be able to use your own home kitchen is certified through the department of agriculture. Also you are not allowed to advertise or sell at all...
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