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Any cake decorators looking for full time work? I have an opening in my bakery. Make frosting, help decorate cakes, cookies, etc. Send me a PM here, let's talk. You can see my ad on Craigslist also.thanks!
Can we do this type of posting on this forum? This is not to be negative. I too am looking for help (not in the same state), but didn't know if I could post something like this.If this is still up 24 hours from now, I'll start a new topic. Good luck! They seem to be hard to find.
Is there a website for posting jobs for those in the bakery/cake industry? I've put an ad on Craigslist, but it has not yielded much success. I am hoping there are sites geared towards this specific cake industry.Thanks for your help!
I disagree. Not all cake recipes bake up nice as cake recipes. At my shop we change the recipe slightly for cakes. You are not imagining things if they don't taste correct as cupcakes. The ones here that get good cupcakes may be using a doctored mix, or just got lucky that there recipe works.
Baking pineapple in a batter and getting a pineapple taste doesn't really work. It will give an additional sweetness, but not bring out a pineapple taste. And what the previous OP said is true, pineapple does not work well in a recipe with dairy products.If you want a pineapple taste, put it in your BC. We do and it is To. Die. For.
Swiss meringue is shelf stable for up to 5 days without refrigeration. The cream cheese frosting depends on the recipe. My CC recipe uses enough sugar to act as a preservative, so it is shelf stable also. I have left cake at my house out for 5 days once that had a cream cheese frosting and it was fine. But again it does depend on your recipe.
Ditto.Or a colored plastic circle cut from something.
That is a classic telltale sign that a thin batter has been baked in an oven with a high fan. My oven has a low speed, so I avoid that most of the time. Sometimes I get that problem, but not enough to blow out of the cup but rather to a dome that is off to the side that I can easily hide with frosting.You put sheet pans on empty racks. Have you found a way to deflect the air by putting something angled in front of the fan?Sounds like you need to invent the stainless...
According to the french judge on cupcake wars you have to glaze the strawberries to preserve them and not have them wilt. I have no personal experience, but I have read that melted apricot jelly is often used. I'm not too sure if a simple syrup will work or not. Again I have had no experience yet. I intend on trying the apricot jelly trick.I do know I love the fruit tarts made at our local grocer and they glaze their fruit. It also make for a beautiful presentation too.
I would add Michaels to the list. I live in Rochester, so not sure where they are located in Syracuse.
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