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Hi,   I'm doing too many new things at once. First it's cupcakes (but they turned out divine!),  cookies,  a carrot cake, WASC cake....   Anyway, I'm doing a few fondant flowers and have not worked with the stuff in several years.  I'm either going to do roses or some daisy-like flowers formed on empty egg crates . I'm not covering the cake with fondant.   1. Is the gum tex (trag) necessary or will I be just fine without it. I don't have any.   2. After I...
I love the lightness of the Rich's Bettercreme. I know this sounds crazy, but I would like to duplicate it as best I can without using anything that is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (Crisco.) I don't care if it has zero trans fat. I just don't want to use it.     If I have to use light cream cheese or neufchatel, that's ok. The problem is getting it thick.   In the past I've tried icing recipes that combine reduced fat cool whip with reduced fat cream...
Hi,Has anyone used fondant decorations on a cream cheese iced cake?I would like to do a carrot cake with cream cheese icing, but I want some fondant flowers atop to make the cake really pop.thanks,Julie
Dear FromScratch:Well, I tried the method of putting the cake directly from oven into the freezer, and I must say I like this method. Will do it from now on. Fabulous!Thanks for the words of wisdom on not overbaking too!Julie
I think so too.Julie
Hello,I used kakeladi's recipe (found here). I used it for Tirimisu cupcakes. I used Betty Crocker French Vanilla box as the base. I like this cake recipe except for one thing: too sweet - even for my taste and I'm a sugar hound!I know some things about cake science but not everything: Would the recipe be affected if I cut the sugar by a half cup (that is, use half cup instead of 1 cup)?For my liquid I used 1 cup of strong coffee. I swear, all the sugar in the cake made...
Hi All,I'm looking for cupcake (muffin) pans similar to the ones we see on "Cupcake Wars." Most, but not all of the contestants seem to be using the same pan.The look to be about the right size and I like that they are light colored.Any ideas as to a make similar to these and what size do they look to you?Thanks.Julie
I think I'm going to just prepare the batters separately. No use in messing with a batter that's been lying around.In the future, if I start to bake more half sheets, I'll just buy a half sheet pan.Thanks!Julie S
Hi,I want to make a half sheet cake. I have one quarter sheet pan. If I let the 2nd half of the batter sit while the first one bakes, is that okay? Or do I need to get the batter in the oven quickly after mixing so that the leavener can still do its job? I'm probably going to use the kakeladi's WASC recipe.Thanks,Julie
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