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I have fondant at home. I also have Wilton's canister of powdered Gum Tex. If I add the gum tex to the fondant is the resulting product the same as gum paste?   Thanks!!!! Julie
Hi, The other day I made this sponge cake but made cupcakes. While in the oven, the cakes rose very nicely and looked great. When I took them out of the oven they looked great. Then, all of a sudden right before my very eyes, the cakes started to pull away from the sides of the liners. They shrunk into almost mini looking cupcakes. The cupcakes taste great and I like the texture. But how do I stop them from pulling away from sides of pan after coming out of oven. and what...
When I first started experimenting, I just used my grocery store's all purpose bleached flour. I have read in more than one source that bleached flour produces a better cake than unbleached. Look it up online and see what you find out about this.   In live in the mid-atlantic region of the U.S. I'm still experimenting with recipes. I read that the same AP flour you get in stores in the South may have less protein and less gluten in them than the same brands in other...
    Hi Aem1029, You know it's funny you mention chocolate cake because many, many, many chocolate cake recipes I see call for oil and no butter, and I've wondered about why that is.  Perhaps in a chocolate cake it is thought that the flavor of the butter is not needed because of all that chocolate - as opposed to a yellow cake? However, recently I've come across some yellow/vanilla cake recipes that also call only for oil and they turned out very, very good. Thanks! Julie
Hi,   I realize that many cake recipes rely on the creaming of the butter and sugar to make air pockets that will fill up with air provided by the chemical leaveners in the recipe. But how does this work if there is no creaming to take place because the recipe uses oil instead of butter or margarine? In recipes like this, the chemical leaveners are present, but how do they make the cake rise when there is oil used and therefore no creaming took place?   I've...
  bct806, You might be right in this case because the amount of yogurt and sherbert if pretty high - maybe that makes up the fact that no oil is added.  I'm not sure becasue I would think that even with 2 cups of sherbert, since most sherbets are not very high in fat (and neither is yogurt) that would not make up for the lost oil. Yet, many people said it turns out very good. Who knows. Julie
Cmiller97, Were they mini cupcakes?  I ask because the 2nd recipe I listed uses only 1 box of cake mix. It just seems like a recipe that would make 24 standard size cupcakes tops since there is no addition of any more flour. Just curious. Julie
HI bct806,   The one at the link you provided is the 2nd one that I listed above. I too think it's missing ingredients. Can somebody clear this up? I'm really confused because this recipe has a ton of comments where the uers all say it was great!!! Thanks!!!!!
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