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I transported a wedding cake for about 70 miles using the sps system that I bought from jesters cake supply online and I transported a 5 tier cake for about 10 miles with no problem. I love the sps, I use it on all my tiered cakes and just increased my prices to include them. Good Luck Sharon
I understand where you are coming from! I live in a small town and was trying to keep my prices in line with others but got very tired and discouraged when my husband pointed out that I was making about $1.00 per hr. I stopped decorating for about 3 months and I thought about giving up but decided to give it another try. I know it sounds strange but I went up on the prices of my cake drastically. Before my cakes ranged from $35.00 {gasp} to 140.00. Now my range is...
You have to check out hungryhousewife website, I got the best cookie and icing recipe there a couple of years ago and they always turn out right!!! You can see the ones that I have done in my gallery.Hope this helps you as much as it did me!! Sharon]
I do 2 tier "mini" cakes that the bottom tier is 3 1/2" and the top is 2 " and charge $25.00. I package them in a clear 5" cube box and tie a ribbon around it. I also live in a rather small town. Sharon
Yes, I cut down the 9" scored supports when I get my cakes too tall. I use my husband's band saw, works like a charm!! Sharon
I make all of my figures out of fondant mixed with tylose, I generally make the 2-5 days in advance. Most adults don't eat them but my granddaughter loves them, go figure!!! I also place my molds in the freezer for a few minutes and they pop right out. Good luck! Sharon
I have had the same problem also every time that I bake choc cake, all of my others turn out fine. I have tried 5 different recipes to no avail. Like you I would cringe every time someone ordered choc.! I finally tried an eggless choc cake, it is nice and dark, firm but moist! I got the recipe when it was first posted here on cc a couple of months ago. But please note that I had to email the person that posted it because she forgot to list sugar! She may have corrected it...
I also only use the SPS system. The cheapest place that I have found in jester's cake supply online.I transported a 5 tier cake using this system.I have just calculated the cost of the system into my cake prices. Sharon
I don't have a pic of the 300 stand but there is a pic of one of the smaller stands that I bought from cupcaketree on my website. Go to and look under wedding cakes. Sharon
I bought a cardboard tower from for 300 cupcakes and it worked fine. I used spray glue and covered it with a coated wrapping paper.
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