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I did a fish on a cake "cutting board". The fish was seperate and on its own cake board cut to fit. I put a few dowels under it and placed on top of the cake. Its in my photos if you would like to see.
I would like to make a smores cake that is durable to hold the weight of fondant. Anyone have any good recipes? Thanks.
Hi,. I am making a piano keyboard cake. Its going to be covered in black fondant. I am just trying to figure out if I should do two layers and cut out where the piano keys should go or just cover in fondant and put the keys on top. I saw some great keyboard cakes on here and would really appriciate any help you could give me.
I use foam core board cut to size. You can cover with fondant or decorative paper.
Hi. I always use homemade mmf because it is so cheap to make. It takes awhile to get the hang of it so dont give up. I found that using a tbs. of glycerin( you can get at michaels) to the fondant when mixing helps alot with pliabilty and wont crack. To get the fondant to stick to cake I put the crumb coat of icing on first. The fondant will stick to this. I roll the fondant on a large pastry mat then fold onto cake. Hope this helps.
They both sound good. I was thinking maybe a mango puree. I will let you know how it turns out.
Any Ideas on a good filling and icing for a strawberry daquiri cake??
This is great. Thanks.
I am making a large 12x18 2 layer sheet cake that will be covered in fondant. Any advise on what kind of choc. cake to use? I am concerned about the weight of the fondant on the choc. cake, Thanks.
I am making a wasc for a friend. She requested chocolate buttercream filling and I am covering in fondant. How does that combo sound? I am not a big chocolate person so i am not sure about it. Has anyone made this combo.?
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