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Yippee!  It worked!  Thanks!  Blue sprinkles added a nice touch to my under-the-sea cake!
Ladies, Cake Central is so helpful! I just received a request for such a sweet.  I have never made one before.  I'm thankful for the references/forum and this information.  I will proceed and keep all of these comments in mind to provide a quote.  Thanks!!
We are headed up to the AC tomorrow evening! We are so excited! This is our first time attending the Atlantic Bakery Expo. Anyone else going? Please just hit us up on FB or Twitter when you arrive and we can meet on Sunday! We love to meet new baking BFFs!
For wedding consultations/tastings I meet clients at a local Panera and/or coffee shop to discuss everything with them. I also meet clients during a local event at which I am participating. As already mentioned, I NEVER invite any clients to the home.
I love the cake you made! Very nice and "clean". I have pricing nightmares myself but I am getting a little better at it. As for the receipt breakdown, I breakdown everything on my receipts (ie Delivery, discounts, donations, vouchers, customization, added frills, cake). I think the customers like to see what they are getting for whatever the quote is I am providing.
This refund discussion is a great one! I had a customer inform me that the cake delivered Saturday was dry during my follow-up call. I was so disappointed. My fiance (the baker) and I (the decorator) just recently began our business. I do not know how to handle this situation but I am placing myself in the customer's shoes. I am calling them again tomorrow to apologize for the situation and to inform them that a coupon is in the mail to them for their next event. I...
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