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I have someone asking me if I can make the animals look fierce on the cupcakes. Every picture I have seen has cute and adorable smiley animals, but nothing is fierce. I am looking for how to make a fierce lion, elephant, tiger, giraffe, any kind of safari animal will do! Any help would be very much appreciated since I feel I have reached a dead end. Thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Fellow CC'ers!! I am making a groom's cake for my best friend's wedding. It is Chicago themed with alot of Chicago Bears and all Chicago Sports on it. Can anyone think of a good sports, Chicago, or Bears saying to put on it?? Thanks a bunch!!!!!!<3 Melanie <3
Thanks Kiddie! Would you say it's a good buy or not? After the coupon it came to $52. Do you like the old or new one better? Thanks again!!
I just found and bought one at michael's a few days ago! It was 99.99 I used my 50% off coupon!
I thought the only way for the icing to crust is it had to have the grainy texture? No?
Fogort to mention that whipping cream and strawberry gelatin is in the recipe. Anyone??
Hi there! I was searching for this topic and couldn't find it so I wanted to ask. Can I freeze strawberry cream filling and how long is it good for if frozen? Thank you so very much!!!
Hi there! I am pretty much a newbie at this, but because I live in south florida I have been reluctant to put my cakes in the fridge because of the humidity. I don't usually cover my cakes in fondant, just the BC (which has whipping cream and butter in it) with fondant accents. However I didn't want them to melt. I just decorate the day before and turn the air pretty chilly in the house and let my cake sit over night. My customers have told me that the cakes still lasted...
Ok, I know this is ridiculous! I couldn't find anything on here and I don't have much time to look because I have this cake due in a day. I am not a big fan of covering cakes in fondant unless I have to so I am using buttercream. I am making a castle cake and put some buttercream icing with a little bit of black icing coloring in it to make gray. However, it came out like a bluish/lavendarish color!! I learned in my wilton class to leave black food coloring in icing for...
I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to spin a toy car on top of a cake? Do they have easy battery-operated spinners for this? I don't want it to be to mechanically challenging, hehe. Thanks so much!!!
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