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   HAHAHA   LOL  I thought you were talking to me Cookie4.     Thank you anyway!!!
Thank you so much for your interest!!     See?  all the letters are to the right of the page.  I can´t write my user and password.   I have written many mails and they just can´t help me.  I told them I have bought a whole lot of on line classes and I have never encounter this problem before.  It is frustrating!!
Thank you very much   Sorry I did not thank you before. I had not seen your response.
No, but before you buy any of their video classes, make sure if their web site is compatible with your computer.  I bought a class in March and I have not been able to see it.  
I live in a very humid weather, but I found out that if you want to refrigerate a cake that has been covered with fondant let´s say for over night, and you want to keept it from sweating the next day when you take it out of the refrigerator, you have to put it inside of a plastic bag.  And do not take it out of the bag until it is back to room temperature.  
When you paint directly on fondant with any airbrush sheen color, you have to do it in one strock.  Do not paint over because it is not going to look nice.  Just soak your brush and do it once.  I rather to use them, instead of the dusts because I have not found any dust that is edible that gives me a nice shinny look as the highlighter dust, but this last one is not edible   I was requested to make this cake by one of my customers who absolutely loved the design.  In...
Thank you very much!!
Thank you very much for sharing this EdieBaby  I will try it and let you know.  Our cake is not until June 30th.  So that gives me time to try and see.   Best regards   Linda
I saw it.I did not know it was the same.   Thank you very much   I wonder if anybody else has tried it.  I live in a very humid and warm weather.  I will try it and post my experience   Greetings !!!
I tried the link and seems that it does not exist.  Could you please share the recipe? Please!!! 
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