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Hi,   Where do you order it? Did you get it from this website?   Also, when you say the newer improved mat, do you mean the Pro Mat? Thank you so much for your help. Kosha
Hello, I'm in a desperate need to find a good fondant mat. I've been using the Wilton Fondant mat and I hate it for several reasons. I would appreciate your recommendations. Thank you. Kosha
Thank you everyone.   If you have a recipe for IMBC and SMBC that you like and have used for fondant cakes, please let me know. That would be very very helpful.
costumeczar - Will the meringue BC recipe work for fondant covered cakes? I'm specifically looking for something that can be used underneath fondant without it being cloyingly sweet.
Hello,   I'm looking for a buttercream recipe that is not too sweet. The one that I use is 1 cup Shortening, 1 cup butter, vanilla and 2 lbs. of sugar. I use this recipe for BC cakes as well as for fondant cakes (to use underneath fondant). Although, the one feedback I've repeatedly received is that the BC is overly sweet and I have to agree. I find it very sweet as well. I understand that it needs to have that quantity of sugar so that it will crust properly (for either...
Hi, I'm looking for a straight wire gauge (white colored) that I can use to put stars and other decorations popping out of cake. Something like this:   Where can I buy this?   I looked at Michaels but they have the silver and bronze colored wires and those too are coiled/rounded and not so straight. Please help, I need this today. Thank you. Sneha
Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. Do you generally leave the box with the customer or bring it back? I'm assuming you would include that in your charge for the cake.
Hello Everyone,   I wanted to find out, how to box your cakes? For large tiered cakes, I usually take the tiers in separate boxes and then assemble them at the party. However, for small cakes (1-2 tiers, each one of them being at least 4" tall), how do you box them? Do you buy boxes at Home Depot ? How do you deliver them (boxed or open)? I never deliver cakes without a box but its getting more and more difficult to transport cakes with a cover.  Please...
Hi, One of my friend has asked for a snowboarder couple wedding cake topper. I've never made human figurine, so this is going to be a first time for me.    Do you use gumpaste or modeling chocolate? (Never used modeling chocolate before either :(   She wants to store the figurine and wanted to know, how long do edible figurines last? How should they be stored properly? Air tight container, etc.?    Do you have any tutorials you could refer me to for...
There's so many different versions of Michele Fosters Chocolate fondant recipe. Is there one version that you rely on and use? If yes, can you please send me the direct link to that recipe?  Thank you.
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