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My guess would be stencil too - especially on the 2nd and 3rd tiers.
So are you talking about using an actual Italian Meringue and not an Italian Meringue Buttercream?
Has anyone made Italian Meringue and substituted a small bit of shortening (say 1/4 cup) for some of the unsalted butter? I've heard that makes the Italian Meringue even more stable...
Ah, yes - the condensation :( Good point!
Hi, All! So, I'll be attempting a 5 tier wedding cake for my cousin for an OUTDOOR reception July 4th weekend here in North Carolina - HIGH HEAT, HIGH HUMIDITY!! The cake will be covered in fondant, but curious about what would be the best medium to use UNDER the fondant. Would it be more stability to go with Italian Meringue buttercream -or- Ganache? I know nothing is "fool proof" in heat and humidity, but just want to give this cake it's best chance ;) I plan on...
I have one made by X-acto - best purchase I've ever made! Love it!
That's a completely personal decision - if you want to and feel no hesitation, go for it! If you have really worked hard on your recipes and don't want to share, don't - especially if they're family recipes or ones you've come up with yourself through hard work - but after you've made your stance, DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT THE OTHERS WILL THINK! (Granted that can be the hardest part lol!) ;o) Don't let others pressure you into doing something you just don't want to!
Many, MANY thanks for all the replies!! Much appreciated and there were many tips brought forward I hadn't yet considered
Can't speak from personal experience with any of these recipes, but I've been following a great blog - - their photos always look so mouthwatering and I've been saving them for when I DO finally try some GF recipes, but I'd try looking there if I were you (and you haven't already!)
Oh, there's NO WAY I'll be coloring the fondant myself - I'll be ordering Fondx in black, please! And it sounds like the royal icing is the way to go - thanks so much for everyone's help!
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