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Hi! Will Rich's Bettercreme work on cupcakes? I know it doesn't crust, but does it hold up well, say, for if I'm doing a wedding cupcake tower and it will be sitting out for several hours? Does it melt in the heat if it's a summer outdoor event?Thanks!
Hi! What is the best type of fruit filling to use for cupcakes? I'd like something easy that doesn't sink into the cake. I've seen the sleeve fillings, regular pie filling in the can, preserves, and all fruit (Polaner, I think). Are there any special instructions when using preserves, pie filling, or all fruit?What do you all think?Thanks!
A Gigi's opened here in Ohio just before Thanksgiving, and I wanted to check them out just to see what they were like. I bought a dozen ($33, yikes!) and gave one to each of the kids in carpool as well as their siblings. Took some home and tasted a few. The cake was just okay... I like my cupcakes a little lighter, but I understand why theirs had to be the way they were... they put a MOUNTAIN of icing on their cupcakes, with the exception of the boston cream pie. The...
okay, thank you!
Hi everyone! I'm getting ready to have a "constant display" at the Wedding Connection here in my town. They're basically a bridal show all the time, and people can come in and look at the displays and information on products for their weddings. Once a month they have an actual bridal show where I can hand out samples and be there for the brides to talk to.I already have my cupcake tower ready with cupcake dummies. I'd like to do some cookies, too, but I'm not sure if I...
I used mine with satin ice the other day and it worked really well. I rolled out the fondant pretty thin on the mats brushed with a little crisco and let them sit out to dry for about an hour. after the letters were cut, I put the mats in the freezer for about 15 minutes before removing.hope this helps!
thanks Annie!I also really like the digital frame idea. I haven't done too many weddings, just two so far, so I don't have tons of pictures. But one day I will! Since I don't have alot of pictures, I decided to make cupcake dummies (mini and standard) decorated with royal icing and fondant, sugar, and chocolate decorations, etc. I also made some cookies decorated different ways so the brides can see what I do, and some of my other edible favors.Thanks again for your help!
re: the small cups with lids... I get mine at GFS (Gordon Food Service). I think they also have them at Sam's Club.
thank you, Annie! your information was very helpful. I'm doing a smaller bridal show next weekend, and I'm always worried about how many samples to question for you... I do cupcake towers and edible favors. I'll be making mini cupcakes for one of my samples, but after I frost them and put the lid on the cup, the frosting gets smashed. Is that a turn off for people, or does it not matter much? Should I cut the bottom off the cupcake so it all fits?Thanks! ...
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