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thanks for the tips!
I use the special pans that kupcake konz has, they're great! And they can be used for transporting them, too!here's a link...
Hi all! I"m doing my first kids' cupcake decorating party tomorrow, and I'm second guessing my icing. When I made some last week for an order, I couldn't get the sprinkles to stick to the icing. I frosted 2-3 cupcakes then tried sprinkling them on, and they just bounced off. I ended up having to roll the cupcakes in the sprinkles, and they stuck. But I think that most kids will just sprinkle them on. My recipe is 1 c butter, 1 c hi ratio shortening, vanilla, 1/4 c...
hi! I have an order due next Sat. for some sugar cookies without egg. My friend's son is allergic to them. She told me about Ener-G egg replacer for baking. Do I just use that in place of eggs in my regular sugar cookie recipe, or do I need to use a special recipe?Thanks!
oh my gosh, it is my dream to open a store like this on my end of town! the one that we have is established and very nice, but frustrating sometimes because when I need something quick it takes 20 minutes to get there, and they run out of things just when I need them! we also have a Michael's and a Hobby Lobby. If I had the money, I'd open one today!
I usually just freeze the leftover batter flat in a zipper bag.
I agree with the previous posters... use Americolor. Hobby Lobby sells it in the small and large bottles. I just made some red today and noticed that it didn't take nearly as much coloring as when I used Wilton.
hi! I'm a newbie, and I'm trying to get things in order for tastings for cupcake towers for summer weddings. Currently (fall/winter), I use a buttercream icing made with 1/2 butter, 1/2 hi ratio shortening. It holds up well. Will this also hold up well in warmer weather with the butter in it? Or should I switch to just the hi ratio?Will a whipped icing hold up, too? How about a faux swiss meringue made with marshmallow creme and hi ratio? (the recipe actually calls...
ooh, good idea! thank you!
hello! I have a bride that is requesting I put a tiara on top of some of my buckeye candies for her wedding favors. The buckeye is only about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. How in the world would I make one of these things? I could do a flat one, but how would I do one standing up?Help please!Maria
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