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thanks! I've already posted on my site and facebook page that I won't be taking any orders until after the first of the year.the condition, unfortunately, is not curable. it's just a matter of keeping it under control. I think I've read too much about it because it sounds like in alot of people it escalates, and I'm worried about that. too many "could happens" right now I guess.thanks for your advice.
HI! I have a small business making cake pushpops, cupcakes, edible favors, and buckeyes. Completely out of the blue after a routine eye exam, I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri, a condition that acts like a tumor but isn't one. It's considered a benign condition, but can be unpredictable because it can cause massive cranial pressure/headaches and loss of vision. I'm thinking we caught mine early because I've only had the pressure and one blind spot in each eye. ...
what a nice idea! I'd like some names too, please. I have a small biz making Cake PushPops, but I always get calls asking if I make cakes, which I don't. I'd love to be able to refer them to another small biz owner. And in turn, maybe the cake people could refer people to me for PushPops if they're looking for something different.So if you're a Dayton Ohio baker, please PM me and I'll start a list. Teresa, please PM me with your contact info.Thanks! Maria
thanks for the nice compliment! martellato usa and pastry chef also have them in cases of 100. if you need fewer, there's a couple of sellers on etsy that sell them in lower quantities.
hi! I make something similar, Cake PushPops. I make a larger sheet cake and cut it into 1 3/4" circles so they fit snugly in the push pop tube. This means that you can lay them in a box for delivery and the cake stays put. I also use clear tape over the lid to make sure it stays on in transport. Sometimes one or two of the lids came off, and it drove me nuts. So I use the tape.In the beginning, I preferred to make cupcakes because it used all of the cake batter, but...
thanks again everyone!
thanks!I talked to the team leader in charge of the reception the day after, and she said that she moved some of the favors so that every table had some, and that the bride never asked about them.I emailed her anyway and have sent her a partial refund just for my own peace of mind, and it's the right thing to do anyway.thanks again for your advice!
I got mine from amazon, too! Signed up for the auto ship every month, and the shipping is free! So now I save about $.60/box. Not alot, but it adds up!
Hi all! I made a huge mistake today... made 190 buckeye candy favors for a wedding about 90 minutes from me. We were late getting to the venue (two accidents, 1 long construction delay, exit we needed was closed, downtown streets were blocked off for an event), but not too late to get the favors set out before the guests arrived. After we set the favors out, I realized we were about 30 favors short. I then realized that I left those favors at home in my freezer... duh!...
sounds good!I've laid mine down in cake boxes of different sizes for delivery and it worked out fine. for display, though, there definitely needs to be an economical idea, just haven't found it yet! Try Target for the pails at their $1 spot at the front of the store.
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