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thank you! I'm going to try some things in the next week, including fondant and Karen's Cookies meringue powder buttercream recipe to see which I like better. I tried a plain cookie a little bit ago defrosted from the freezer to make sure it wasn't my cookie and not the icing, and it was great, nice and moist but solid. I think it's definitely the royal icing.
hi all! I'm making some decorated sugar cookies with royal icing. There's flood icing and then drawing on the cookies with an edible marker and a piped border around the edge. The cookies are about 3/8" thick. I decided to make them more than 1/4" because I thought they were too dry after putting the icing on them and thought a thicker cookie wouldn't get as dry... WRONG!I use the "Gimme Some Sugar" cookies recipe. They are a good tasting cookie, but I think the royal...
thanks! I ended up using a bit of royal icing with opal sanding sugar on top. The bride loved it!
wow, that's pretty! I was thinking about this very thing over the weekend! I thought you had to have a shape on one of the cartridges... sounds like you made your own and then cut it. I had no idea you could do that! You've got my brain thinking...Maria
Hi! I'm doing some cookies soon for a wedding reception of a stick figure bride and groom on a motorcycle. The groom is bald with a big white beard, and the bride would like to have his beard on the groom stick figure.I'm doing some samples on extra cookies I have to see which works best, but I'm still not sure. I tried the sparkle gel (it says it's white, but it seems more clear) in the tube with some opal sanding sugar and the gel with the teeny tiny white nonpariels....
no problem! I just happened to go to Ikea yesterday to return something and get some new cutting boards and walked right by them. Talk about great timing on our parts! I love the papers, too. The designs on them are so different.
thank you! I use a projector... can't freehand for anything! Luckily my 13 y.o. son designed the stick figures on a motorcycle for these upcoming cookies, or there's no way I would have gotten the job! The bride and groom like it so much, they're using the design for their invitations, too! My son is so excited... his first paying gig!Maria
I saw some "straight up" pans at Ikea yesterday with papers that go straight up, too. they're still "crinkled,", but they go up instead of out.
thanks, lambshack! I'm going to try this next week!
Hi! I will be making some cookies soon with white flood royal icing and bride and groom stick figures on a motorcycle with edible markers. She wanted red flood icing, but the markers won't really work well on top of that color. So we settled on white flood and red piping around the outside.She'd really like the motorcycle to be silver. I can't find a silver edible marker, so I thought I'd try and paint on some silver luster dust mixed with clear vanilla over the...
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