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Beautiful cookies, Alvarga! Thanks for the tips!
Hi again! I'm exploring using a marshmallow fondant on my cookies. I have a question, though, for you seasoned decorators. For more detailed designs, like a train, car, etc. (anything with a base plus extra little things on top), how is this done? Do you put on a mmf base then add more cut out mmf for the different colored wheels, windows, stripes, etc.? Or do you put on a mmf base and pipe the different colors with royal? Or third, do you cut out different mmf...
I've been having this problem, too. My royal always looks kind of "bumpy" on the tops of my sugar cookies, like little hills and valleys. Definitely not flat. The tops of my cookies (before decorating) seem flat, but that changes after the royal is on. Is there a way to put my royal on better so that it's more even, maybe? I usually use a squeeze bottle and Sweet Sugarbelle's 20 second royal and I shake the cookie gently after flooding. Help! Thanks!
Hi! I put some red royal icing (Wilton recipe, Americolor coloring) on some cookies last night and it looked great. However, when I woke up this morning it had dried really strangely and was kind of sticky. It is humid here in Ohio right now, but I have the central air on and we have a humidifier on our furnace. This didn't happen with any of the other colors (white, orange, pink, yellow). I posted a picture, hope it came through. I've never seen this happen...
thank you!
Hi! I usually make cream cheese buttercream with butter and shortening, but it's supposed to be really hot and humid here tomorrow, and I like indydebi's bc recipe. How would I make it into a cream cheese bc.... by substituting some of the shortening with cream cheese? or adding cream cheese on top of the shortening?thanks for your help!
would ganache hold up on a hot day on a cupcake? probably not, huh? also, if I used poured ganache on layered cake in a jar, would it make the cake soggy? sorry, I don't know that much about ganache but would like to use it more in place of buttercream. Thanks!
I used to have the same issue, and it was because I didn't break the cake up enough. So now I use my mixer with the whip attachment to break up the cake and then I "knead" the cake crumbs into a "dough." If I have to, I'll add a tablespoon or two of frosting. Now my cake balls come out much better. Some others use a food processor, but I don't have one.Good luck to you!
I ordered mine to use for my peanut butter buckeye candies. I'll get it on the 27th, can't wait to play!
I love making mine, but I may have to give it up for a while for medical reasons - just when I'm getting this "off the ground!"I bake a larger sheet cake and cut out the circles with a 1 3/4" cookie cutter. The top will also work, but I find they stick less frequently to the cookie cutter. I use indydebi's bc recipe as my base and I also use toppings (oreos, colored sugar, sprinkles, etc.). I sell them for $2.50 each. Pictures of mine are...
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