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I started on Facebook for my business and recently put together a free website with Check them out! My website isn't fancy, it's more simple and straightforward, but I'm hoping it will do the job. Here's a link if you want to see mine... luck with your business!Maria
Thanks for all the helpful comments! I decided to go with simpler shapes. Here's a link to some pics of my kids decorating some cookies from the kit... I plan to use them in marketing the kits.
Here's a pic of the fairy princess kit. I decided to put the frosting in cups and include 2 popsicle sticks for spreading and 2 baggies with a note about spreading and piping with the bags.
Good points, thanks! I was thinking that buttercream might be too hard for a kid to squeeze, but maybe I could thin it down just a tiny bit. I totally plan on using my own two kiddos (7 & 9) as gineau pigs before I sell!
Hi! I'm looking to expand my cookie business a bit with kids cookie kits that I plan to sell at local craft fairs/farmers markets this fall. Each kit will have 2 or 3 shaped cookies (depending on size), 2 souffle cups of colored buttercream, 3 souffle cups of toppings (sugar, sprinkles, candies), and 2 plastic knives for the icing. I'm trying to go low overhead, so the packaging is a stand up cello bag with a ribbon and my tag. Each kit will be $6.00. Also in the bag will...
Hi, does anyone have the Artograph Designmaster Projector for using with cookies? I'd like to get one ($170, free 2 day shipping on Amazon), but I'd like some user reviews first. I saw some here, but they didn't answer my questions, which are...Is the image sharp enough or is it really blurry? Sharp enough to pipe or draw fairly simple images that I can't freehand?Does the clamp work well on a kitchen table?Does it work the same way as a Kopykake (first get the image in...
beautiful! here's the recipe I use... also has a chocolate one that tastes like a brownie... so good! They're both great tasting cookies that don't spread. ordered the soccer ball, can't wait till it comes in. He's taking suggestions on his Facebook page for image press ideas, and he does custom ones (for logos, etc.) I'm hoping this makes it a little easier when decorating... I get a lot of soccer balls and always dread doing them. Looks promising!
I like the Reynolds white liners (box of 300 or 500 at GFS) or the Reynolds white with foil liners from the grocery store. They're the only ones that consistently stay on the cupcake, at least for me.
you should probably talk to both counties, just in case you also sell in yours. and take a look at the farmers market's vendor agreement. sometimes they have other stipulations, like carrying a liability insurance policy (the big one up here in Dayton requires that).
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