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In responce to mariacakestoo. That was for that one cake that was rather simple. I still made a nice profit. As with all my cakes.
I've been lucky to have only one customer in the year and a half that I've been doing cakes for people other than family to complain about the price. A lady wanted a cake simalar to the new ones at walmart but with a different design then what they had to offer. When I told her the price wich wasnt a hole lot more than the wal mart price she was shell shocked. She asked why so much? When I explained to her my cakes are made fresh along with the different types frosting...
I'll try to download a picture on cc so you can see mine.
I saw that show the first time and was amazed. I have made those roses. It looked like she used tootsie pop suckers. I tried them first and the roses turned out good but on the larger side. Then I made them using smaller Dum Dums suckers and they turned out more like the real size roses. I like making them for cake when theres kids around. They love eating
Thank you mamaof3cutiez for the AZDHS web site. I just checked it out. Lots of helpful info. I've been waitng for this day. Now I can get start doing cakes for buisness like my friends and family have been telling me for along time. But couldn't because of old laws and no comercial kitchen.. Thanks Kimaz for keeping us posted........
I like using the *Original* WASC cake recipe that I found here at CC. I just adapt the ingrediants to the flavor cake. Like strawberry necture instead of H2O, and strawberry yogurt instead of sour cream. You can do this for almost any flavor cake. Everyone Ive made cakes for luv them. nice and moist too.
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