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I am making the mountains etc. but in need of a snowbaorder??? I found nothing???? Any ideas??
I am having issues with my red velvet cupcakes!! They are not moist no matter what recipe or how long I cook them, I am using cake flour was thinking of omitting the baking soda? Any suggestions???
I could use some pointers on making a 3D graduation cap as well as a chef hat out of fondant my main concern is it's stability.
Can you airbrush on smoothed buttercream?? Im thinking the colors will spread. Any thoughts or experiences?
I love this idea! But where do you get the stryofoam? Michael's?
Royal Icing works great as well it dries hard and smooth
I need to use whip cream but wont be able to because these cupcakes will be outside...Any recipes for something light and creamy that doesn't require a fridge???
Any ideas for a handle on a 80's boom box cake my gum paste one just fell apart,dont even care if it is edible at this point.....
Great idea and Yes it will be very tall,I went to the local cake supply store and got a strong heavy board for the 1st two layers,It is a 3D 80's Boombox cake for my daughter's cast party,also having a lil trouble making the handle realistic made it from gumpaste so hoping it will dry enough just not as perfect as I want it on the sides
THANK YOU for responding,by supports do you mean dowels through the cake and board?,they apparently dont make the thin plastic stackers we use for wedding cakes in any other shape than round.
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