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I just covered 2 couple of days ago. I applied some warm water on it using a brush and they just stick
Yeah I saw that thread last night about heating the wire!! Thank you very much What is making me bonker now, in Cake Boss - he just stuck the flower with wire into the cake?!?! I thought that is a no-no?
Heartsnsync - Your roses just look like real!! Even the leaves!!
tq for the replies! i will try with full gumpaste and see how it turns out.
I dried the rosebud overnight and after making a full rose, I hang it upside down. Then later, the flower started to slide down the wire. I did bend the wire and dip it in gumpaste +waterCould it be because I was using a blend of gumpaste and fondant?
i just make my 1st cake pop yesterday and i used IMBC. I don't it matters what type of icing you use, as long u can bind them together. I throw in some ganache for my 2nd batch - i was very happy with this cake but don't think many ppl do.
i read that you have to put dowel right into both cakes (by hammering it in) but won't we end up eating part of the cake board too?
i will do the same...and c'mon, what if the check bounced?
no i make scratch cakes and never had any problems with it. and i also did put sugar syrup (water +sugar) onto my husband's cake. and i used strawberry puree.if it was too soggy, wouldn't the cake fall apart? i never use any support for the cake at all and there were 2 tiers
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