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My secret is to reduce the sugar and add more at the end if needed but if you've gone too far then put some more shortening in and beat for about 3 more minutes. I live in a dry climate and that's what I have blamed it one. (another secret (Dont tell anyone) is I add Chocolate Nestle Quick into my chocolate buttercream. Smooths it right out! Mmmm Mmmm Good!
I'm looking to make a Toffee Bon Bon cake Tower for Dec 31st. I can't find a recipe for it anywhere. I can only purchase them and that is not cost effective. Can anyone help me?
I've used both. The 50/50 modeling paste and fondant is one I like because if I'm in a bit of a rush I can put it in the freezer for 5 minutes so I can go onto the next step also I have more open time to get some details pressed into the item. Sometimes I use fondant (because of the color mixed with gumpaste. Gumpaste sometimes cracks easy so I have to be careful when I use just that.
Try cupping around the top edges to adherer the fondant to the cake first. This will hopefully stop it from pulling down and tear. Cut the excess on the bottom as quicklly as possible or the weight will also pull and tear at the fondant. Do this before you start smoothing the sides of the cake. If this doesn't work or the tearing occurs when you lift to put on the cake, , roll out on a silicone matt and lift the mat to the cake and peel off onto the cake. Other ideas...
This is one I sold for $440. Four hundred for the cake and $40 for the Tulips. I should have charged more for the flowers but I had never done them before. when I experiment I charge less.
I would go for an airbrush. It has been a great tool for me. Correcting color and creating color, adding luster and quick fixes. Also a Kitchen aide and lastly a pasta roller. This helps with trim, ribbon, bows. flowers and so on. The cricket can be a good tool but you have to use it regularly to get the money out of it. I have yet to trust if for designs but have for sayings.
I have been where you are and got no answers anywhere. It was like a closely guarded secret so I'll tell you what I do and you can take it from there. I do the pants first with a skewer thru it making sure it will support the figure when inserted into cake. Either in sitting position (tooth pick goes thru bum or standing toothpick thru one leg. The pants give you the per-portion for the rest of the body. Let dry slightly because the layers above can slide down and...
I just clean my airbrush with water after every use. I haven't had a problem so far and it's been a year. I also dry it pretty well with paper towel.
For the base, I used a mirror. It went with the theme of the cake. You have to watch out for what the mirror will reflect in your shoe box though. I forgot to mention that when you apply you sides to the cake you leave it on a board and then lean it onto the cake. That way your hand don't deform the edges.
I made one for a staggette, kind of a sex in the city theme. The shoe was tougher because they wanted a specific shoe that was a closed toe. I ended up carving styrofoam for the gumpaste sole of the shoe to rest on because everything else just looked odd and that way I could get the hight of the heel I wanted. It take alot of drying time inbetween each stage so start right away. The tissue is done with very thin strips of gumpaste put thru a pasta roller and pinched...
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