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I`m sorry but when i`m in gallery home I don`t see a tab to up load pic. This is so frustration.
I`m not sure if i`m in the right place, But i have not been on for a long time because of some issues, Could someone tell me how do I get to my photo album. Thanks
Okay, Thanks I appreciate it !
Ok, Then this is going to sound dumber, Where is the search results page?  
I used Royal Bakerys recipe for maple syrup, And it cake great!!  
These look like this.  
Thanks, Doritta I got it.
SarahJane, I would love to see it, But don`t know how to go look at someone`s pic, It`s not how it use to  be, Do you know how I can get there?  
modthyrth< I just happen to see your post on the cranberry pistachio biscotti, And I tried them on thanksgiving, And I just had to tell you, that they were heavenly, Thank you for posting it.  
Your Welcome !!  
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