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All very interesting. Ya know I am not positive I am a guest lol! I guess I assume I am a guest. Maybe I will just decline. It worries me that I will not cut it right and then there will not be enough!
I went through our insurance which is Country Financial. I have seen state farm rip people off quite a bit. I know our insurance is amazing because they have had to pay out quite a bit for us! Our home flooded and 2 phone calls later, and one inspection (a couple days later) we had a 9 thousand dollar check in the mail. Then my husband got in a car accident and they paid upwards of 15 grand plus 15 grand in bills. They are very honest and have awesome prices. My...
I am not sure if it is normal for cake decorators to cut cakes. I had a friend ask me to do this. What do you guys do/think?
NNNNNOOOOOO don't do it!!!!! I hope you didn't and if you did I hope it all works out for you!!! How rude can some people be? Not the OP the late payer person. Please tell us the outcome!
This was very good advice. You were very kind while getting a point across. Its refreshing to see. Good luck with everything!
I am learning scratch (I have a VERY hard time with it for some reason). I have a couple "specialty" cakes that are scratch. Apple and carrot. The bummer is the only reason is because the fruits and veggies make them so moist! lol I have a hard time with making plain flavors (vanilla and chocolate) from scratch cakes moist. If tons of people love it and one person doesn't you are absolutely doing it right. There will ALWAYS be someone who does not like something. ...
The term "hilarious divorce cakes" is a very sad one indeed. There is nothing hilarious about divorce. To the op I wish you the best of luck!! Thats a tough one!
When you buy acetate strips to do chocolate decorations around cakes should they be 3 or 4 inches? I would assume 4 but what I mostly see for sale is 3. Thank you!
So I guess we are all curious....did the mob have anything to do with the cake? Did she pay or sign anything? I agree with everyone on here! All very good advice. Let us know how it turns out!
Oh okay I am further up north. Don't be afraid to price what you need to price!! I am exactly like you in that sense. People don't understand the time and money that go into it and I am so scared to ask for the money. Just be confident because your time is worth it! You will get people who look at you and think your crazy but stand your ground. Those cakes are wonderful and totally worth what you need to charge. Good luck!!
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