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I am making a pina colada cake with a coconut cream filling...what kind of frosting would you suggest. I was thinking maybe buttercream but replacing the flavorings with maybe rum extract and pineapple or something...Help please i am clue less
Here's what I came up with, i altered colors and design, i had so many problems with this cake and I ended up not enjoying making this one, but we ALL have on of those cakes that does not come out right...thx for advice tho ladies
Hi..I am making a gambling cake that the customers requirement is hot purple , hot pink and black are the main colors...they want playing cards and lots of gambling chips. I have decided that the black will be used as the top layer in the form of a black dice, middle layer the pink made into a slot machine, while the bottom will be the purple with black and pink spade, diamonds and heart accents. I am just stuck as what color to make chips and cards without making cake...
thanks for all ur input....what would u suggest as a good filling for a carved cake then if i were to use WASC? the couple does not want anything chocolately...I am open to new suggeastions for cake flavors .I am all new to this cake stuff, some ppl saw cakes i did form y kids parties and next thing u know they are paying me to make there's. As for the cream chesse with lemon cake combo, it tastes really good suprisingly. figured it would hold up alright in a...
I am making a wedding cake and shaped grooms cake next month and they want a lemon cake with Rapsberry filling and I need a recipe for a firm cake (pound cake) and a decent raspberry filling that I can frost with cream cheese frosting and cover with fondant and have it hold up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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