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Looks like this to me:   HTH
The white cluster behind the sunflower looks like hydrangea's to me. The grow in clusters and come in that off white pale greenish colour and each flower had 4 petals.  that is what it looks like to me. 
I have had people contact me about wedding cakes and say they are just getting prices from varies bakers right now.   I'm not very patient when dealing with brides/bridezillas or their mothers.  I send them a nice email stating that I only bake Gluten-Free cakes, my prices, that wedding cakes require a signed contract and full payment prior to delivery.   I give no special deals because they are "shopping around".  For me this is business, not personal.  I don't...
Be very careful of cross-contamination.  Read the labels on everything.  Gluten is found in many things and under many different names.   Gluten-Free Baking is my specialty, it's all I do.   There are many recipes out there, but very few are really any good.   If the customer has Celiac Disease, make sure you use only certified Gluten-Free Ingredients.  Packaged and sealed.  Don't buy items at a Bulk Store.  There is a very high risk of...
What about a cheesecake?   
It's a hydrangea cutter.   They have very tiny centers.  And grow in clusters.   ://
The meringue powder will stabilize the icing.  If you are using 1/2 Cup shortening & 1/2 cup butter, try using the meringue powder and 3/4 cup shortening and 1/4 cup butter.  It will hold better in the humidity.  I have central A/C too and I still need to make adjustments in the hot humid weather.   Good luck.  It is the butter in the icing that is melting first.  So use less until the weather cools down.  That is what I do.
This happens in heat and humidity.   In this weather I don't add water/milk to my buttercream.  I make what is considered stiff consistency, but in this weather it isn't stiff, It's just right.   I just made cream cheese icing and added no milk.  It's humid here today.   What kind of buttercream did you make?  Crusting (with or without butter) or SMBC/IMBC? 
Here it is:
On the Craftsy site, one of the decorators uses Scotch Tape on her fondant covered cake before painting it to get her design.  I think it was Collette Peters, not positive though.  There is a free video of her using this technique floating around.  If I have time I will try to find it.  But I'm sure others have seen it too.
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