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Be sure to follow Jason's advice.  As a person living with Celiac Disease cross contamination is a huge issue.  Cross contamination is a huge issue for anyone with allergies.  Make sure you do your research before making the cupcakes.  Not having all your facts can open you up to lawsuits.   For my safety and the safety of my clients I only bake Gluten Free.    Lots more to think about then just a good recipe. 
Looks like royal icing, not a mold.  It looks over piped and dusted as well.   Definitely not a mold.   If you look at it closely you can see the icing build up and little peaks on the dots.  A mold wouldn't look like that.   I have the Wilton Kelly Green and it looks to me like a minty green.  When I put it up against my colour wheel.  It is a minty green.   I would use the Americolor Mint Green, just add it a bit at a time until it looks right.   Good Luck
Great cakes ladies.   I have taken all the courses years ago and now I teach the Courses.   I love the creativity of all my students.  Good luck with your future classes.   Practice and patience is your best friend.  Also the difference between a good cake and a great cake is attention to details.   Have fun and happy caking.
I have never heard of this either.  Most of the time I fold in my  flour mix not beat it in the mixer.  But once the ingredients are mixed together you don't want to mess around with it very much.  Just fill your pans, smooth the top and get that baby in the oven.  I don't grease my pans either, only parchment on the bottom, it holds it up better in my experience. And I never cool my cakes in the pan.  10 minutes max if at all.   The only thing about xanthan is that...
The Culinary Institute of America GF Book has really good flour blends, measured by weight, that's how I do it to. Consistent results that way. Some of the recipes are good.   I have recently acquired the Gemma McFarlene GF book and it is good so far.  She is a professional baker too.  All done by weight. So far I like the book.  The book has a great selection for many different allergies.  IE:  GF Choc Cake Recipe, then changed for DF,NF ect.     I do not love...
Here is a good list of substitutions for allergies.  Scroll down it is long.   Happy Allergy & Celiac Baking
GF Angel food cake is very easy to make.   Here is the same cake already converted.   I've made this one with success.
For a vanilla or white cake.  You want to stay away from brown rice flour.  Stick with white and make sure use choose a finely ground brand.  That will help with the mouth feel.     I also stay away from sorghum flour when making white/vanilla cakes.     As for tapioca or potato, I use corn and potato.   Stick with flours & starches that are very light in flavor and finely ground.  You will probably not be able to use the same flour blend for both chocolate...
Here is a good chocolate cake recipe I use it sometimes too.   Enjoy.
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