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GF Angel food cake is very easy to make.   Here is the same cake already converted.   I've made this one with success.
For a vanilla or white cake.  You want to stay away from brown rice flour.  Stick with white and make sure use choose a finely ground brand.  That will help with the mouth feel.     I also stay away from sorghum flour when making white/vanilla cakes.     As for tapioca or potato, I use corn and potato.   Stick with flours & starches that are very light in flavor and finely ground.  You will probably not be able to use the same flour blend for both chocolate...
Here is a good chocolate cake recipe I use it sometimes too.   Enjoy.
I bake exclusively GF and have an excellent white cake recipe.  I might be willing to share under certain conditions.  I made it myself after much trial and error and out of sheer desperation.  I don't like chocolate.   But I will not share with everyone.  Sorry, I worked too hard at it for too long.  My customers and I love it.   Sharing recipes is always tricky anyway.  My recipes aren't for the faint of heart, they require 2 stand mixers, a lot of separated...
Scroll down this page and look at the 2 posters of tips and numbers.  Maybe they will help.
The second tip from the right is a ruffle tip.   Google image search PME ruffle Tubes   I have them and love them.   Not sure about the others.
This can happen when you cool your cakes in the pan, too much moisture builds up.
It looks more like a stencil to me.  Try looking at stencils instead.  The 3rd tier, is what I'm looking at.
Sheilabelle is right.  It is a stand to hold your practice board up right.  This way you can practice techniques you wish to put on the side of your cake.  When put together the two pieces push together like an X.
These Patchwork Cutters would work great.   HTH
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