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Parchment paper is my go to item but wax paper will work to.  Both are grease proof.
I make loads of these every year.  It's family thing.  I bake mine at 200* for 3 hours, with a wooden spoon holding the oven door open, it's only open a tiny bit maybe 1/4 to 1/2" max.  After the 3 hours I turn the oven off and let them sit in there until they have cooled fully.  They can be time consuming.  During this holiday season I make 1 tray per day.  So 36 a day, mine are a bit bigger, a heaping teaspoon (not measuring spoon) each.  Don't open the oven at all while...
If your fondant has gelatin in it than it's not vegan.  Gelatin is made by boiling animal bones.    Also sugar that is whitened by using bone char isn't vegan either.  So check your icing sugar.  You may need to contact the company or check their website.
I'm in Ontario, Canada and I buy my Tylose and other goodies at Flour Confections.    Also try:     Creative Cutters,   Goldas Kitchen,    Sugar Tiers,  Cake Mischief,  McCall's   There are many others as well.   Even sells cake supplies.
It probably needs to stay refrigerated  because it isn't baked.  It will probably get really soft if left a room temp for a long time.   I don't think it's because of the chocolate.  If you are going to make them, leave one out and see what happens, it will just get soft I bet and then the pretzel will get soft too.   Hope that helps.
The recipes on this site are good.   Hope this helps.
I have it and love it.  I'm not tech savvy at all and I find it easy to use.  It takes a bit to input all your info but once that is done you're set.   I would recommend it.
I own and run a Strictly Gluten-Free home based bakery.  I also accommodate other allergies.   I have Celiac Disease and agree completely with Carrie789 and AZCouture.  This is not a place to "dabble".  Food allergies and intolerance's are serious business.  I will not risk my health or the health of my customers by producing gluten products as well.  I don't eat out much either do to the cross-contamination issue.   And don't forget that making someone sick from a...
The top tier design is made using cutters like these.   You can cut out these designs and place them onto a buttercream covered cake.   The bottom tier is just also a simple quilting effect with edible gems at each point.  Also can be done on Buttercream.  You could use a tool similar to this patchwork cutter to get the...
Be sure to follow Jason's advice.  As a person living with Celiac Disease cross contamination is a huge issue.  Cross contamination is a huge issue for anyone with allergies.  Make sure you do your research before making the cupcakes.  Not having all your facts can open you up to lawsuits.   For my safety and the safety of my clients I only bake Gluten Free.    Lots more to think about then just a good recipe. 
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