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Looks yummy!   I have a similar recipe from Martha, it was posted in a large magazine.   It uses 5 - 6" round cookies instead if little individual cookies.    It's very similar.  This one looks delish.  It's a keeper.   Thanks.
Those are Hydrangea's.  And very simple to make.  You just need the cutter and a former/veiner.   Like these:   The silicone mold is top row center and the cutters are below.   These flowers grow in bunches.   Just Google image Hydrangea flowers.   They have very tiny centers, like tiny balls.  Attach the little center "ball" into a thin wire...   Google is a wonderful tool.  That's how I found these 3 recipes.  I'm sure there are many more.   Happy Baking.
Check this company:   And this one:   Vanilla Food Company has them for sure:
Meringue Powder is egg whites.  So if it's an egg allergy that's out.   Virgin Ice has a powdered  Eggless Royal Icing Mix, it comes in 425 gram bags.   It contains Icing Sugar & Soya Protein and you just add water and mix.   I haven't tried it but I know others who have and said it worked well.  
I strictly bake Gluten-Free and make accommodations for  Dairy/Lactose Free, Egg-Free, Grain-Free, Soy-Free and Corn Free.  All are possible and make very yummy cakes.  If they weren't yummy I wouldn't sell them.   Here are 2 recipes sites with very good  allergy friendly recipes:   Be VERY careful of cross-contamination when baking for...
SusyXD, very clever idea with the chart.   I like it.
 Most gluten-Free items are kept in the freezer to prolong shelf life.  It really has nothing to do with the dryness of Gf items. But keeping GF baked goods at room temp or even in the fridge for a couple of days makes them stale quickly.  GF is hard to keep, so freezing is the best option.   From my years of experience with Celiac and baking, chocolate can add a nice flavor but it doesn't  effect the moisture or staying power of GF baked goods.  But it does a good job of...
I too own and run a strictly GF Bakery.  Yes even with tapioca (which is all my cakes) they dry out faster and go stale quicker than non-GF.   Yes simple syrup does help, as does using ganache and covering cakes in fondant. It will hold in the moisture and goodness.   Buttercream works too but not for the length of time that ganache & fondant work.   I find cupcakes the worst.  they aren't even as nice the next day.  So when I do a cupcake order I bake and decorate...
Don't forget to check with you City Office as well.  You should first ask if you are even allowed to operate a home based business in you neighbourhood.  If they say yes then you must follow the rules from you local Health Dept.   Running a home based business might up your City Taxes so be aware of that.  You might get reassessed as commercial.  Which is more expensive than residential.   Good Luck 
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