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@Cakebaker21,  I just need to reply to this.  I have Celiac and my son does not, he lives with me.  And yes he eats pre-made gluten filled cereal and bread in my house in my kitchen.   That sort of stuff is easy to clean up after.   But we never, never, use regular flour in my house to bake anything.   If he wants baked goods home made he gets gluten free.  Cleaning up crumbs from crackers, cereal and bread is not the same as cleaning up from flour slinging.   While you...
I saw the larger pearls to.   And the sugar seems finer as it goes up the tiers.    I haven't seem sugar that colour, but I'm sure it exists somewhere.   Good luck making the cake, I like it, it's very pretty!
To me it looks like coloured sugar, sugar crystals.   They seem to be larger pieces at the bottom tier and smaller at the top tier. 
I make and sell cakes, I have a small business and I also teach.   And this is a very common complaint.  When people pick up their cakes from me they love the way they look and they are very excited.  But very rarely do I ever hear back from them about how everyone liked it.      I don't let it bother me because if there was something wrong with the cake I'm sure I would hear about it quickly.  So I figure no news is good news.  I have many repeat customers so they...
I also exclusively bake Gluten-Free and haven't had that happen.  But If you have even a bit too much moister in the cakes they will shrink as they cool.  I've seen this happen to others. While they are warm or in the oven they remain up high and during cooling they shrink.    I don't recommend using boxed mixes, they aren't good.  And you will have this issue more with boxed mixes then a good scratch recipe.   Like Carrie said the xanthan can also be an issue, too...
Looks yummy!   I have a similar recipe from Martha, it was posted in a large magazine.   It uses 5 - 6" round cookies instead if little individual cookies.    It's very similar.  This one looks delish.  It's a keeper.   Thanks.
Those are Hydrangea's.  And very simple to make.  You just need the cutter and a former/veiner.   Like these:   The silicone mold is top row center and the cutters are below.   These flowers grow in bunches.   Just Google image Hydrangea flowers.   They have very tiny centers, like tiny balls.  Attach the little center "ball" into a thin wire...   Google is a wonderful tool.  That's how I found these 3 recipes.  I'm sure there are many more.   Happy Baking.
Check this company:   And this one:   Vanilla Food Company has them for sure:
Meringue Powder is egg whites.  So if it's an egg allergy that's out.   Virgin Ice has a powdered  Eggless Royal Icing Mix, it comes in 425 gram bags.   It contains Icing Sugar & Soya Protein and you just add water and mix.   I haven't tried it but I know others who have and said it worked well.  
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