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I have a gas oven (love it).  I don't adjust baking temperature.  But all ovens are different, gas or electric, you just need to figure out the best number of minutes in this new oven to get the result you want.    I would have taken the cookies out after the 12 minutes, let them cool and check them out.  Maybe 1 extra minute would work, or maybe the consistency was perfect at the 12 minutes.  You can't really tell by the colour of them.   Good Luck
I reported it.  You can too by clicking on the flag.
The entire cake needs to be completed at the Commercial Kitchen.  Baking and decorating.
I like the first one best.  The Juniper Cakery, it's simple and to the point.  But ultimately up to you.  Keep it simple so people can remember it and know exactly what it is.   Good Luck
Welcome to Cake Central.  You are going to love it here.  Lots of great advice, tips, ideas & tutorials.    You'll be an addict in no time at all.   
I agree with kiddiekakes, it is not cheaper to have a store front here either.    My kitchen is at my home.  Way cheaper.
glow every Municipality has their own set of rules.  And your local Health Department follows those rules as well as the Provincial rules.   It is very frustrating that there is no  across the Province or Country rules.  My Health Inspector said for us to change that  we need to do it on a Provincial level.   Talk to our Provincial Health Department.  So for glow and I it would be Ontario Ministry of Health in Toronto.  I'm already legal but would be willing to help...
I'm in Ontario with a Health Inspected kitchen in my home.  My Health guy said every Province is different.  So contact your local Health Department first.  You shouldn't really take advice from people in other provinces or areas.  People located 1/2 an hour from me have a different Health Unit and they have different rules.   Don't worry about what others say and do.  Just talk to your local Health Department and they will have the answers for your local area.   And I...
Oh something else to consider is that many people with Celiac also have other allergies, like milk, eggs, dairy, corn ect...   Will you be able to accommodate them?  And also deal with the cross-contamination of these allergens as well?   More food for thought.
I strictly offer Gluten Free, in my own commercial GF kitchen.  I would never offer GF from a kitchen I shared with others.     It is difficult enough to try and keep your own area GF while making a preparing cakes never mind trying to keep track of others.   Cross contamination happens really easily.  All the Gluten particles get into the air and then land on everything.  So you would have to be sure to wait at least 24 hours after baking with gluten and then clean...
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