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The flowers will stay on, I do it like that with no problem. I cover very few cakes with fondant. But I do make flowers and other things with fondant/gum paste and stick them onto my buttercream cake. Just don't use too much BC to stick the flowers on. Good LuckHope that helps, post pics, it is a beautiful cake.Take Care
That cake is done in buttercream. Stick the flowers on with a tiny dot of the icing. Not too much, you don't want it to show.For the sharp edges I agree with Rose_N_Crantz.Have Fun.
carmijok; you are welcome to sit out the storm in my basement ! LOL While your down there would you do some laundry?! LOL Anyway, I'm in Eastern Ontario too and I am licensed and all that jazz.The rules in Canada, even Ontario vary greatly from place to place. Luckily it was a simple process in my town.Good Luck to the rest of you, I love working from home.Happy Baking
It is not just the increased cost of the different baking ingredients, and the different method of baking. You need to consider the serious risk of cross contamination. That is a very real and serious problem for us Gluten-Free peeps. It's complicated. I only bake Gluten-Free so it is easier for me. People ask me if I will make them a "regular" cake and I say no, every time. I will not risk the cross contamination. None of my supplies for baking or decorating have...
Hey Kristy;Welcome to the decorating world, it is very addicting and lots of fun. I totally agree with previous poster. (Bakencake) Start with the basics, take a few Wilton Classes. You will get the tools to start and learn the tricks of the trade. You will meet people and have fun while you learn.Have Fun, Happy Decorating
I would try to be bigger and better than her. She has serious issues. If she starts talking bad about you to clients it will turn the clients off and she will lose business. I don't appreciate doing business with people who talk badly of others. I believe it is shallow and very unprofessional. I believe in being kind. Obviously her greatest talent has now left and opened her own business, people will notice that all her awesome cakes that she took credit for aren't...
Not a bad job for a first try. The only thing I can say is Practice, Practice, Practice. there is no secret, just practice. Take a beginner decorating class, they give you tips and help. Check out this website, lots of helpful advice. Job, and Good Luck. Keep at it and you will be pleased with your improvement, it is also lots of fun.Practice on cookies, even store bought. They...
I think you under charged by a fare bit. I would charge at least $80 -$90.But it is up to you really.Happy Baking
Write it on with edible marker. They come in lots of colors and the tips are fine enough to write tiny.HTH
That looks hand painted on. I do not believe that is the icing color. It is probably luster dust and vodka painted on. You can see that up close. Hope that helps.
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